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Now you all know you're in a for a treat. The Flash's villains have been spot on and i'm sure that the producers wont start to disappoint us now. You should be excited to learn that The Flash will be bringing back one of the speedster’s greatest foes, The Trickster, as well as his copycat, Axel Walker, and it seems as if Mark Hamill’s classic eye-assaulting outfit could be brought back for the hit CW series in some capacity.

If you cant tell this is Devon Graye. Who is going to be playing the role of Axel Walker otherwise known as The Tricksters copycat. As you can see Devon is wearing a pair of thick leather gloves, and a blue mask shaped into two diamonds. He also donned a long purple jacket with pink lapels, which was covered in large studs along the collar, shoulders, and lapels. His unusual ensemble continued with a T-shirt covered in black and white stripes, polka dots, and a checkered pattern. Devon Seemed so happy to play this role, tweeting his excitement on January 14

'Well, this is pretty much the greatest way ever to start off the year. Very thrilled and deeply honored!!' he shared.
Devon Graye on the set of The Flash.
Devon Graye on the set of The Flash.

Lets get to the part I'm sure you have been waiting for. Because I know how excited you must be. Mark Hamill will be joining the cast of The Flash continuing the same role The Original Trickster. Hamill will be playing an aged version of James Jesse. Seeing as though he will be behind bars trying to stop and imprison his copycat we wont be able to see him in this! (Would we even want to see it!)

Candace Patton on January 26
Candace Patton on January 26

Candace Patton posted this picture to her instagram account saying.

'Monday morning with this old guy...'

Well Hamill will be wearing an orange jumpsuit and a pair of nice cuffs. Instead of this old thing. Maybe this will be apart of a flashback. We all know the CW is accustomed to those. Maybe they used the costume as inspiration for the copycats suit or maybe they did it just to be a damn tease! Well we will soon find out when both Tricksters appear on Episode 17 on March 10. But before this excitement happens tune into the CW's The Flash. Catch you later!


So what do you think Can Hamill and Graye pull it off?


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