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So, this is my last Suicide Squad profile post, so i thought I'd make it a bit different, by doing Harley Quinn and The Joker and the same time, because they're a couple. A slightly dysfunctional couple, but a couple all the same. I will be reviewing each character, then commenting on their relationship, how I think it will work in the movie, and my hopes for them in the movie. Sound good? Ok...

Harley Quinn

Real Name: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Alias: Harley Quinn

Age: mid to Late 20's to mid 30's

Appearance: Dresses similarly to a court jester. Depicted a lot of the time in a more alluring manner. Not at all intimidating. White makeup, red lips, black mask/smudged eyeliner.

Supernatural Abilities: Immunity to most poisons (due to Injections from Poison Ivy), Trained psychiatrist, Gymnast, Enhanced agility, strength, intelligence. Martial artist. Also complete disregard for human life, apart from the Joker's.

Equipment: Often depicted using a sledgehammer or a baseball bat. Also uses guns.

She's completely and utterly devoted to The Joker. You could say that she is his biggest fan. She's in love with him deeply, and will do anything to be with him. Merciless to anyone who tries to kill him.

Harley Quinn has never been portrayed in a live-action movie as of yet, so Suicide Squad will be the character's first appearance on screen. The character first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in the early 90's. She is now a fan-favourite.


And now, the main event....

The Joker

Real Name: ???

Alias: The Joker

Age: 30's

Appearance: Green hair, bleached white skin, bright red lips, eyeliner. Like a demented clown. Purple suit, green under clothes(?). Bow tie, Flower on his lapel (depending on which version of the character).

Supernatural Abilities: None. Genius-level intellect, expert chemist and engineer. Also skilled in hand to hand combat.

Equipment: Various. Poison, bombs, gas, guns, acid, etc. Whatever gets the job done, or whatever he can get his hands on.

He is completely crazy, yet is also a genius. Batman's greatest and most iconic villain, he is said to be the exact opposite of Batman. He has no problem with killing people, however many are needed to get the job done. His relationship with Harley Quinn is often abusive, however he does have a deep seated affection for her. The Joker's origin has been told and retold, but they generally follow the same story: The Red Hood was a villain Batman was pursuing. Red Hood falls into a vat of acid. Red Hood "dies". The acid bleaches his skin white, turns his hair green, and his lips red. Thus, The Joker is born.


The main misconception, I feel, about this character, is that he wants to kill Batman, which, of course, he doesn't. He says Batman is way too much fun, and that he would have no one if Batman weren't around.

Harley Quinn may not have made her big screen debut yet, but The Joker has been depicted frequently in live action. He was first depicted in the 1960's by Cesar Ramero, then again in the 1989 movie, Batman , portrayed by Jack Nicholson. His latest portrayal is considered to be iconic, and was performed by Heath Ledger (RIP), in the 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight. In this movie, The Joker is portrayed as being an agent of anarchy and chaos, performing acts of crime because he enjoys it, and wants to "watch the world burn".

Heath Ledger's Joker. An iconic performance.
Heath Ledger's Joker. An iconic performance.

The next Joker in Suicide Squad will be portrayed by Jared Leto, with Harley Quinn being portrayed by Margot Robbie.

My hopes for these two characters in the movie.

If rumours are true, the script will mainly focus on Will Smith's Deadshot and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, however this will also be (and I certainly hope there is) a constant "Joker overtone" to the movie. This I genuinely hope for, as I think it would add a certain intensity to the whole movie, especially if there were constant references to The Joker, finally ending with a Joker jailbreak. If the plotline is done properly, I expect to see each character get a chance to shine.

A poisonous relationship.
A poisonous relationship.

I also hope that The Joker and Harley's relationship is either explored in this movie, or if it is set up in this movie. I certainly hope for the latter, as The Joker could be broken out of prison by them all, because one of them other than Harley has been told to do so. This would also provide an excellent way to introduce Deathstroke as the one who needs their help to break out The Joker, as he had a business deal with him. We'll also get to see Deathstroke in action if that happens, as well as a bunch of villains working together, and pulling off an amazing jailbreak. I personally think this would be best, as then we'd have The Joker and Harley meeting for the first time, as well giving the audience a relationship that will follow through almost all the DC movies that contain The Joker, or Harley.

A poisonous relationship?
A poisonous relationship?

So, that's the Joker and Harley. We'll just have to wait and see what DC do with the characters, and also see if Jared Leto will provide a performance to match Heath Ledger's. And, as usual, if DC have confidence in these actors, then so should we.

So, to conclude all these Suicide Squad Profile posts (which took a lot of my time to make, thanks for reading them if you did), I believe that with these characters and an excellent script, DC could make an excellent Suicide Squad movie. There is, as always, a slight issue with the actors, mainly fan complaints, however I can't wait to see the actors portray their own versions of each character, because with writing all these articles, I really want to see them in a proper, guns blazing, heist/jailbreak movie. And it's going to be AWESOME.

Remove Tom Hardy, and that's your cast.
Remove Tom Hardy, and that's your cast.

So, to summarise the cast:

The Joker: Jared Leto

Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie

The Enchantress: Cara Delevingne

(Captain) Boomerang: Jai Courteney

Deadshot: Will Smith

Deathstroke: Joe Mangianello (rumoured) (my preferred candidate)

Rick Flag: No one confirmed as of yet (Tom Hardy passed the role)

Amanda Waller: Viola Davis

Suicide Squad is slated for the release date of August 5th, 2016 (USA).

Can't wait.
Can't wait.

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(Point of Information: The reason I have not done an article on Rick Flag is because I don't see him as particularly villainous, he is a government agent after all)

I really hope you enjoyed reading all these articles I've put so much time into. Thanks for reading them.



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