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Horror games are an unusual commodity in modern gaming, a lot of publications seem to shy away from them due to the small profit margin they can expect from risking the sale of such a niche genre. However, 2014 made some interesting inputs with The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation in terms of triple-A games (check out some info on their sequels here).

But as we take a look at the future of the horror genre in video gaming, there really is one name that stands out: Sony. Sony have devoted a lot of money over the years to indie titles, and more unusual projects then Microsoft have. And it seems that this trend will continue into the PS4 era.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn

Until Dawn & Silent Hills

Until Dawn has not yet received its official release date for the PS4, and it's a pity that the NextGen exclusive abandoned its original idea to appear on the PS3 too. But nevertheless, the gameplay and trailers of this title have show us an interesting look at what horror games are going to be like.

In Until Dawn we will intermittently play as 8 different teenagers who spend a night in a log cabin on the anniversary of the death of one of their friends. Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted down by an insane serial killer. All of the horror tropes are there. We've got the promiscuous teens, the unclad cheerleader, the nerd, the jock, they're all there. But the game seems to embrace these cliches and dive straight on into them. It's kinda brave.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn

Throughout this horrifying night, we will be tasked to make these kids last as long as possible. Our decisions and failures can cost them their lives. Once they die, that's it, they're gone. A really interesting mechanic and it's truly exciting seeing such a big publisher getting behind an idea like this. And then of course, we also have Kojima's next adventure, Silent Hills.

Silent Hills was revealed at the conclusion of horror game demo released by Sony, entitled P.T., which you can play for free on the PS4. The game features the incredible collaboration of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro while starring Norman Reedus. If you've played the demo, you know that we're in for an extremely disturbing adventure.

Well, that's creepy
Well, that's creepy

Want to see how scary it can be? Check out the video below! But really, in terms of exclusives (not talking about the PC here) the PS4 is dominating the horror genre. We've also got exclusive games such as The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne that are certainly inspired by horror's formulas.

What do you guys think? Does the Xbox One have anything against the PS4 in terms of horror games? Are you going to play the P.T. Demo and Until Dawn? Let us know in the comments!


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