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Fantastic Four has been getting a lot of hate over the past couple months and I honestly understand why people might get upset about the movie. They are not making the traditional Marvel family and have changed the direction and tone of the team. I, for one, have been looking forward to the movie for a while now and I have even expressed my enthusiasm in an article I wrote a last month. There are some people out there who hate the movie for the wrong reasons. They do this because they actually believe what they are saying or to try to find something that seems very insignificant and throw it out of proportion for the sake of it. I will try to prove some of those arguments wrong.

"The characters are miscast"

I briefly went over the cast in my last Fantastic Four article so I won't go into much detail here. All of the actors casted as a lead in this movie are solid actors who have already proven to audiences that they can actually act. They all have the right personality to play their respective roles properly. I personally believe that these characters are perfectly casted and have a hard time trying to find anyone better for the roles.

"Sue is adopted"

So far we know that Johnny and Sue will be siblings and they will have a black father. This, for some reason, prompted everyone to believe that Sue must be adopted. While this might be the case, there has been no conformation (as far as I know) about this rumour. This (although seems like it is a small matter) has been seen as a huge problem that goes against everything the Fantastic Four stand for. Apparently because Sue is adopted, she can't be as close to Johnny as she is in the comics. It is a stupid argument and is one that shouldn't be used when trying to argue against this movie.

"The cast is too young"

They're not THAT young... right?
They're not THAT young... right?

I will admit that the cast does LOOK young. In actual fact, they are not much older than the cast from the 2005 movie of the same name. Johnny and Sue are older than their 2005 counterparts at the time the movie was released. The combined age of the original cast at the time of release was 118. This number was high because Michael Chiklis was much older than the other cast members, him being 41 while the Ioan Gruffudd was 31. The combined age of the new cast is 113. The gap is only 5 years so the argument that the cast is too young is unfortunately invalid.

"They're changing the team's backstory"

Technically, they're not. The ultimate comics changed the backstory. Only difference was no one got upset by that even though it is the same concept. This story is set to a different universe to Earth-616 therefore the makers are allowed some creative freedom with backstories, history and characters. The filmmakers aren't changing the backstory, they're taking inspiration from a different medium. They aren't ruining the characters, they're using a different version of the characters.

"It's too dark"

Dark tones? Fantastic Four? Nah!
Dark tones? Fantastic Four? Nah!

I will agree with some people that the Fantastic Four isn't an especially dark team. They are usually associated with bright colours and campy villains. While this is true, it's not unusual to see a comic book character or team change the tone of their characters. Almost every character, campy or not, has had some sort of dark history or at least one dark storyline. Off the top of my head I can think of 'Demon in a bottle', 'Death of Gwen Stacey' even the death of Johnny Storm comes to mind. Even the fun Fantastic Four has its dark and gritty moments.


These are just some of the ridiculous arguments made against the upcoming Fantastic Four movie arriving in August. Of course people will still find something else to complain about (Dr. Doom being a hacker) but there is almost no changing a fanboy's opinion. I hope some of the haters out there take something from this article and don't result in using some lame excuse to hate the movie in the comments. If you are excited for the movie, tell me. I'd be more than happy to talk about the movie with you guys. If you do want a comment war, please be respectful towards other people's opinions. If you can do that then argue away.


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