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With Kingdom Hearts 3's release date still concealed from all of its fans, and all news has subsided about its progression as of late, KH players have taken to coming up with their own ideas of what lies ahead. Once such fan, is HMK, who's made several YouTube videos on the topic of Kingdom Hearts before. His most recent venture, discusses the dark lengths that Xehanort may go to in order to push Sora over the edge.

Obviously, these are only theories and rumours, not exactly news, but the thought was an interesting starting point to discuss whether the likelihood of something as horrible as Hundred Acre Wood being burnt would be possible. Would Disney allow such a dark moment to feature in Square Enix's game?!

Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts
Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Xehanort & The Hundred Acre Wood

The idea explores the lengths that the series' villain is prepared to go to in order to push Sora to the point where the anger in his heart could take over. A moment which could test the strength and conviction of our protagonist would be a great thing to feature in the concluding chapter of this narrative arc. Sora is undoubtedly going to be challenged and this is one way to go about it!

The theory describes Xehanort brandishing the book of The Hundred Acre Wood before Sora. As he leafs through its pages, occasionally stopping to stare at the characters within, he recalls reading it when he was younger. Then in a moment of complete shock, he holds it before us as his hand becomes engulfed in flames. Shocking stuff.

The Hundred Acre Wood
The Hundred Acre Wood

The idea then goes onto describe how this would correlate with regards to the other games in the series. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 saw us collecting the pages of Hundred Acre Wood in order to restore Pooh's memory. However, this time, Sora uncovers a way in which he can recreate this world entirely; from his memories.

This time, his memories serve the function of recreating the world that we watched burn before us. We return the favour for Pooh. The game would see us collecting pages to write down our memories of the characters we encountered there. It would be beautiful to see them reemerge throughout the game, slowly seeing characters like Eeyore and Piglet coming back to life. Beautiful.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Disney would undoubtedly object to the malicious destruction of one of their worlds, with no sight of its return in the game. I mean it'll be unlikely that any Disney characters will perish in KH3. But something like this would be very moving for fans to experience. We'd see Sora use all of his powers and love to recreate one of the worlds that gave him so much joy.

It'd be a nice way to complete his character arc, from a young boy who longed to see other worlds, to the hero that can help recreate them. Anyway, let us know what you think of the series and this idea, and be sure to check out the original idea below! Nice work man, nice work.


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