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It is the dawn of a new era (and whole new storyline) for The Terminator saga. With the new Terminator 5: Genisys on the horizon, I believe it is a good time to take a look back at what awesome and memorable moments have happened thus far! The Terminator was a groundbreaking phenomenon that paved the way for such movies as I Robot, Universal Soldier, Hardware, and some can even argue that it played a part in the inspiration for RoboCop.

In the 80's, 90 percent of the population was either into Science Fiction or Action flicks. True story. If you didn't want to travel to space, you wanted to be a hero. We're all guilty of it at one point or another! Because I mean come on...everyone wanted to be the guy that stands tall with a gun in one hand and a blonde bombshell under the other. Got a little retro there for a minute but hey, we are talking about the 80s here!

So here it is. The most Iconic moments of the Terminator movies. These are the scenes that MADE Terminator what it is today. Without these would just be a forgotten Science-Fiction/Action adventure that wasn't enjoyable at all. But it wasn't just enjoyable.....IT WAS AWESOME MAN!

Warning: This list contains lots and lots of Spoilers. So if you haven't seen all of the Terminator movies, I would suggest you turn back now if you don't want to know whats going to happen. You have been warned.

10. The Machines Start Their Revolt

First on this list is, really, the moment that gives meaning to all the Terminator movies. The Rise of the Machines. For it is in the 3rd movie, that we get to witness what puts the gears of the war with the machines in motion.

The T-X was sent back in time not only to kill the selected targets, but also to set the playing field for the machines to begin the war. And as a bonus we also get to see what the very first Terminator models looked like. Just like a computer....started out as the size of a whole room....then eventually got condensed to a mobile device. Pretty fitting actually.

9. Sarah's Nightmare

Okay, for the easily squeamish I know this will upset you. Believe me I didn't want to put this on here, but...I do believe that this is one of the biggest moments in Terminator history. Because in this scene...we see what happened to humanity when the bombs started falling. This is what gave the Machines an edge (aside from them being almost indestructible and having better technology).

But just think for a minute...having this nightmare over and over...every time you closed your eyes...knowing that one day your dream would that is insanity my friends.

And there goes my enjoyable dreams for the night....wonderful....

8. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines Ending

In the first Terminator, they left it open at the end. In the second Terminator, we thought it was over. Then over a decade later, we were expecting to see The End plastered all over the movie's final scene. But..........we didn't. Instead, we got the most open ending that is matched only by Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers themselves. That is right ladies and gentlemen....we got the "It's never over" treatment. Because in the final scene of the movie, it pretty much told us that no matter how many Terminators they send back in time and no matter who they tried to erase from history...the war is going to happen. And there is just no way around it. Like...ever.

Don't believe me? See for yourself if you haven't seen it....

7. Arnie Kills The T-X

Even after 12 long years...seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator was still just as cool as ever. Especially since they made him the good guy in the second movie, we were all in some small way hoping to see him come back to the role again. And we got that wish. Not only that...we got a new enemy to boot. Thus enters the T-X, which is pretty much a combination of a T-850 (Arnie) and the T-1000 from Terminator 2. Biggest difference being, this Terminator had built in weapons and the ability to use electronic devices to her advantage. Not to mention that she was also equipped with the same virus that allowed Skynet to become self aware which you saw earlier at number 10.

And just like in the second, they had a battle to remember. Then finally, Arnie is able to put in the final blow that ensures their destruction. And when Arnie tries to finish the job....he does it very well. This final confrontation with the T-X also gave him yet another memorable catch phrase to add to his collection.

6. Drainage Ditch Chase

If there is anything every Action fan loves, it's a high speed chase. And boy did they deliver. The iconic chase from Terminator 2 still lives to be one of the best of all time. Nothing screams Action like a huge freight truck chasing a small dirtbike through a small drainage ditch. And to all started in an arcade in a mall...

But not only the chase itself is intense...but the aftermath really sets the tone for how bad things could get in this movie. See, up until this point we just thought that it was going to be as simple as blowing him up given he is supposedly a Terminator just like Arnold. Well...surprise surprise....things just got...complicated....

Walked away without a single just got real...

5. Terminator Says Goodbye To John Connor

Now here is where it gets emotional. We were all afraid of the Terminator back in 1984. He was mean, he was dangerous, and his only directive was to kill anyone that got in the way of his mission. BUT. T2 saw us becoming friends with the Terminator, and getting to see that he is in fact more than just a machine. That moment where we see John teaching him how to be cool was just! I mean could you imagine having a Cyborg bodyguard that was also your best friend?? Come on...that'd be awesome.

But sadly...those moments were shore lived. Because within about an hour of seeing that side of him...he met his end. Yes it may have been for the best but still...

Sadly, I could not find a clip of the whole scene. Only his final moments. But he said goodbye to John who didn't want him to do it, telling him that he finally understood why humans cry...but that it was something he could never do. He then shares an emotional hug with John and then a respectful handshake with Sarah before he is lowered to his death.

4. Terminator Survives The Tanker Explosion

Those mushy moments are over now. Now we take a look at one of the reasons the Terminator became so frightening in the original.

Anyone who has seen Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in his 20s know just how massive he was. He was 6 foot 2 and 240 pounds worth of pure muscle. Not the kind of guy you wanted to get into a fist fight with. It only got worse with his ruthless and uncaring attitude that he brought to the character in the first film. Add the fact that he is almost impossible to kill, and he totes enough guns to arm a police precinct....and you've got a recipe for the baddest man on the planet.

But it only got even worse when this unforgettable scene happened....

(Had to use two videos to get the complete scene)

Just when you thought he was dead. You now have this coming after you....

Do not know about the rest of you....but I would have already needed a new pair of pants by that point....

3. "I'll be back."

Yes, you should have seen this one coming. His most famous line from any movie should already have the scene playing in your head out of reaction.

Not only is the Terminator uncaring of who gets killed...he is programmed to reach his target at any means necessary. Killing a gun store owner in the daytime, killing everyone with the name of Sarah Connor, no no that is nothing...

Driving right through the front door of a full police station and killing almost everyone inside with ease? Yep...sounds about right...

2. Kyle Reese Is John Connor's Father

Within the first 30 minutes of the film, we understand the storyline well. Kyle Reese was sent back in time to save Sarah Connor who is the mother of John Connor, the leader of the Resistance in the future war with the machines. He was sent to save her from an assassination attempt by a Terminator model 101. But the real kicker of the whole movie doesn't come until towards the end.

We see Sarah and Kyle fall in love. Well a lot of people either didn't think much of it, or they wondered what this meant for the future. It didn't cross a lot of people's minds that it was all foreseen (kind of). You find out at the end of the film in the final scene, that Kyle was John's father. John Connor picked Kyle Reese for the mission, because he knew that he was indeed his father. If he had picked anyone else, then he might never have been born and the war would have been over before it began (not with humanity winning).

That is the beauty of time travel almost never see anything coming...

Again, I was unable to locate the scene where it shows her pregnant. But after the Terminator is killed, she travels to Mexico where she has begun recording tapes for John. She is pregnant after her and Kyle Reese spent the night together, meaning that Kyle was indeed his father.

Before I reveal which scene took the number one slot, let us look at some Honorable Mentions that didn't make the top 10:

Terminator Removes The Skin From His Arm:

Very good scene reminding us exactly what he is under all that skin.

The Terminator Carries The Coffin Containing All The Weapons And John Connor:

Age didn't slow Arnold down one bit in this scene. He still had that ability to look like one bad dude without even trying...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameo in Terminator: Salvation :

Just watch and behold....

It is time....for the number one most iconic moment in Terminator history...

Drum roll please?

1. Opening Scene From The Terminator

I believe that no other scene deserves the spot more than the scene that started it all. Setting the mood and tone for a movie is all up to the opening and first few scenes. The Terminator completely nailed it within the first 10 minutes of the film when we saw his historical arrival.

Arnold's physique alone is enough to intimidate anyone. But seeing him take out three guys at once and on top of that, driving his arm straight through a guy without much trouble? Yep....that'll do it. Seeing all that within the first few minutes is more than enough to make anyone sit back, think about who he's after and just say: How effed are they...?


Which was your favorite moment from the Terminator franchise?


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