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Its been a long-time rumor that since Fox owns the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 that they would eventually do a cross over movie. With the new Fantastic Four trailer just dropping a few days ago, it only makes me speculate more on how, or rather why, these characters would come into contact with one another.

Missed that FF trailer? Check it out here!

The trailer makes the new Fantastic Four seems surprisingly epic and badass! I had low expectations for the film and honestly the trailer changed that completely. I'll definitely be getting in line to see this when it hits theaters!

I think it's a matter of finding something that connects to both comic book universes. So, I thought about it...The Fantastic Four are brand new to this world, and take place in modern day. It seems that the X-Men universe has backtracked a bit, now taking place in the 1980s or so, for the most part entirely comprised of the X-Men: First Class cast and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. It seems the old cast is no longer taking part in the future X-Men films.


Recently the casting of the younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, & Storm were announced. Jean Grey is going to be played by Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner, and I think that casting is spot on!

With our younger actors in place, it seems that almost every character has been replaced in the X-Men by a new actor without rebooting the entire universe. That's pretty awesome!

The Fantastic Four has its first sequel down the line. The after credits roll in and we see Mr. Fantastic at his computers. Suddenly an alert comes up! He looks to a screen monitoring a satellite image from space that detected a massive energy spike.

The other Fantastic Four members gather around and look at the screen. Everyone looks at Johnny Storm A.K.A. the Human Torch. He looks shocked.

Johnny- "No, no, no, no...Dont give me that look! It wasn't me!"

Reed Richards leans in and says...

Reed- "It cant be you. This is live, and its heading straight towards Earth. Also theres no oxygen in space..."
Johnny- "Right..."
Susan- "Where on Earth is it heading?"

Reed punches a few keys and looks up. The whole group stares at the screen and sees...

BOOM! That sets an awesome cross over in place! Think about it too! The Phoenix Force is a cosmic entity. What X-Men have the ability to see it or know its coming? Maybe Jean Grey and maybe Professor Xavier, and even then its likely they'd just get splitting headaches and not know whats going on. Then the Fantastic Four show up and explain what they saw. The two teams decide to team up to stop the force from reaching Earth.


Do you think The Dark Phoenix Saga is a good way for the two universes to cross over?


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