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On what was only my second viewing experience of a Bollywood film, I had mild expectation for this 2012 film. My only experience was the film Dhoom, which I had fairly lukewarm reactions for. But for OMG - Oh my God!, I felt that this film was very good in many ways and has shown me that Bollywood can indeed, be jolly good.

The film follows a shop owner in Mumbai called Kanji Mehta, who doesn't believe in god. However, one day when his shop is destroyed by an Earthquake, everyone says that it is an act of god due to Mehta dodgy dealings. In reaction to this Kanji decides that he will sue god. Due to this controversial action, the public and lawyers feel that he is mental and refuse to help him. However with the helps of his friends, Mehta decides to continue with his pursuit to sue god. He preaches his point that religion has become nothing more than a business and that people have become blinded by media and the religious groups as to what god stands for.

However when God comes in human form to save Kanji from an angry mob, he tells him that he is an estate agent who has brought Kanji's house, but he will still let him stay. God comes to earth to teach Kanji the true meaning behind God and what he stands for, aswell as trying to help him in his court case against the religious groups. Kanji then continues his pursuit to bring down the religious group and try and convince the citizens of Mumbai about the commercial effect that religion has had on them, with great consequence for Kanji and his family.

Even though I am not familiar with these particular actors, i think that the majority were impressive in the film. The main lead performance is Paresh Rawal, who plays Kanji Mehta in the film. As said previously, I am not familiar with the actor, but friend has raved about him as one of the best and I truly do see that. His combination of well used humour and strong dramatic acting worked well in the scenes which he was required to do such acting. I feel that he had fantastic chemistry with his fellow actors and was very memorable in the role.

Also in the film was Akshay Kumar, who played Krishna Yadav (God). I thought that he was ok in the role but was very generic. The films representation of God was very confusing to me. Like why does God need a motorbike, why is he buying houses, why does he wear glasses. My friend said that it was due to the fact that he wanted to blend in, but if that was the case, why did he become a good looking, well dressed man that is an estate agent? Wouldn't he want to do the best he could to hide himself from society so people don't find out who he is. However, for the role that Kumar had to play, he did do well with it. Other cast members include Mithun Chakraborty, Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar, Govind Namdeo and Poonam Jhawer, and even though not all of the supporting cast are great in the film, they are all super memorable and you will remember them long after you have watched the film.

Now of course, as I don't speak the language that the film is shot in, most people are put of from watching films like this because they can't understand what they are saying and they have to keep reading subtitles, but for this film, it didn't bother me. The film flowed so well together that you didn't always need to know the dialogue. The script was strong though, containing a greats representation of social commentary on how religion has become more of a business than a honourable lifestyle and how people will follow those who are seen as an authority figure in their life. This film really does a great message and how it's represented feels like it helps the narrative without feeling preachy.

Overall, I think that OMG - Oh my God!, is a fun and enjoyable foreign film which is full of great characters, some great performance and some genuinely heart felt moments which make it both a great comedy and also a great hard hitting crime drama. Thank you for reading this movie review and I hope you enjoyed it. Also what did you think of OMG - Oh my God!, leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Also you can check out my own personal website ( to find a host of other movie reviews and more movie based content.


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