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As you might know, Marvel Studio has begun a real revolution in the field of cinema, by creating the biggest cinematic mosaic by creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which starts with Iron-Man (2008), and continued for two phases introducing the most iconic characters the Marvel comics have ever drawn : Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America and the other Avengers members.

But I personnaly saw, few months ago, that Marvel was beginning to introduce some stranger, less known characters : the Guardians of the Galaxy (which was a big success), Ant-Man (which will end the Phase Two), and, during Phase Three : Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, the Inhumans and Black Panther. What I think, is that it's going to be pretty cool, because every upcoming films from Marvel Studios, as well as the ABC series Agents of SHIELD and Netflix series : Daredevil ; AKA Jessica Jones ; Luke Cage and Iron-Fist, will give Marvel Studios opportunity to introduce many characters, even the least known.

Indeed, with all this upcoming stuff, many faces of the Marvel Universe may show up : magic and astral plane with Doctor Strange, more Marvel Cosmic with the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and Captain Marvel, Inhumans, with, you know, Inhumans (and Agents of SHIELD), and street-level vigilants with The Defenders and possibly Agents of SHIELD. Yeah, that's many opportunities to introduce less known characters and those characters which don't fit with the Avengers tone.

So, for this part, I'll be talking about...

PS : This will be a little bit long, as there are many characters that would be soooo interesting to introduce.

The characters who should be introduced in the Netflix series

First of all, some briefing is needed. The Netflix series include the Defenders, a kind of alternative to the cinematic phases of the MCU, with four series introducing the principal members of the Defenders : Luke Cage, the invulnerable Harlem warrior ; Jessica Jones, the flying super-detective ; Iron-Fist (aka Daniel "Danny" Rand), the master of martial arts and chi manipulation ; and Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock) the fearless crime-fighter using law at day, and fists and super-senses at night.

We already know that, excepting the four main heroes, many superhumans or villains are set to appear :

  • In Daredevil, there are the Kingpin of Crime (a crime-lord played by Vincent d'Onofrio), and the Owl (a superhuman with owl-based abilities, played by Bob Gunton). And, yeah, no Elektra nor Bullseye (for now, except for Bullseye who was confirmed not to appear in this series for now).
  • In Jessica Jones, we will see the Purple-Man (a mind controller, played by David Tennant), Luke Cage will be introduced in this series, and a new character has been confirmed : Patricia "Trish" Walker, aka Hellcat, who is, in the comics, a member of the Defenders team, unlike the other four. She has some extrasensorial perception powers, and has shown some psychokinetic abilities. She will be played by Rachael Taylor and will be Jessica Jones' best friend.
  • Little is known yet about Iron-Fist and Luke Cage. To bad :/

So, now, it is time for some fan brainstorming. I've made a list of many characters who would fit particularly good in the universe depicted in the Netflix series. Are you ready ?

The blonde one is Yelena, as seen in the comics
The blonde one is Yelena, as seen in the comics

Daredevil - Yelena Belova (Black Widow)

Yes, another Black Widow. Yelena Belova has known the same path as Natasha Romanov in the Red Room, a branch of the KGB. She was first seen while she was tracking Natasha on the order of the Red Room.

She could be an interesting character to introduce against the Defenders. Indeed, the Black Widow (Romanov) had some flirting time with Daredevil, and it could be fun to make this same situation BUT with Yelena, instead of Natasha, while Yelena is bad, unlike Romanov.

Possible actress : Natalie Dormer ?

The Punisher is a striking example of anti-heroism
The Punisher is a striking example of anti-heroism

Daredevil - Frank Castle (Punisher)

Frank Castle has basically the same goal as Daredevil : fight the organized crime. Only the philosophies diverge : Daredevil doesn't kill, Punisher does. To me, having Punisher and DD confronting on screen would be one of the best superhero fightings ever made. Plus, he kicks ass.

Frank Castle is a veteran whose family was killed by mob killers, who didn't want any witnesses. Unlike his wife and children, Castle managed to survive, but was deeply traumatized (something I can understand :v) and he decided to seek revenge. He then became the Punisher of criminals, using killing weapons against crime.

Possible actor : Sean Bean ? Viggo Mortensen ?


Daredevil - The Hand (and, so, Elektra)

Here, it is more a group than a character. The Hand is a criminal organisation based on ancient ninja orders. Its members are ninjas, with supernatural powers. They are known for being the organisation where Elektra learned her killing techniques, and the Kingpin is currently owning leadership over a branch of the Hand. Sounds interesting for a Daredevil plot isn't it ?

Possible actress for Elektra : Emilia Clarke :D ?

Daredevil/Defenders - Maya Lopez (Echo)

Maya Lopez is the deaf daughter of a Kingpin's associate, who was killed by the latter. Maya's father asked Fisk to raise his daughter as his last will. Kingpin left and Maya came in, her father dying in her arms, leaving only the mark of his bloody hand on her face. Kingpin began raising Maya as his own child, telling her that the true murderer of her father was the Man Without Fear : Daredevil.

Using her muscular and photographic memory, Maya trained herself into martial arts, infiltration etc. to become able to kill DD. But finally, she discovered the truth and killed the Kingpin, before becoming the vigilante Ronin.

I think she would make perfect story in the Daredevil series, with its lot of drama (more if she finally dies by the hands of Elektra or Bullseye (yeah, fan dreaming)).

Possible actress : Ashley Greene ? (Don't yell at me because she played in Twilight, she was one of the best actors in this saga okay ?) Or maybe Monica Raymund.

She-Hulk also has the power to break the 4th wall.
She-Hulk also has the power to break the 4th wall.

Daredevil/Jessica Jones - Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk)

She is the cousin of Bruce Banner, and had a blood transfusion from him after being shot. She then gained the same powers as Banner, but with the ability to keep control. Jen is a lawyer, specialized in the superhumans rights. She could be an ally of Daredevil and/or Jessica Jones, as the latter is a private detective who may need the help of a lawyer of superhumans to, maybe, help Luke Cage not being imprisoned. Just thinking... Also, note that I don't think it would be smart to have her with her powers, because it wouldn't fit to the Defenders universe.

Possible actress : I have to admit that Angie Harmon would be good...

A part of an Ant-Man poster
A part of an Ant-Man poster

Jessica Jones/The Defenders - Scott Lang (Ant-Man) & Cassie Lang

Scott Lang is set to appear in Ant-Man on summer 2015. He is the next Ant-Man after Hank Pym, who has been teased by Evangeline Lilly (Hope Van Dyne) to be the founder of the Avengers Initiative in the 60s. Scott has a daughter, Cassie, for who he has been heisting to gain money for a treatment to save Cassie's life (in the comics, it isn't sure Cassie is terminaly sick in the MCU). Still, Scott becomes Ant-Man, by wearing the Ant-Man suit which allows him to shrink while proportionnaly duplicating his strenght, and to communicate with ants. In the comics, he is for a short time the associate of Jessica Jones (and her love interest for a short instant). I think that, while Ant-Man might fit to the Avengers tone, he might also be a pretty good Defender, and thus create a link between films and Netflix series. Scott is portrayed by Paul Rudd.

Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/The Defenders - Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen (Cloak and Dagger)

Tandy and Tyrone were teenagers who were caught into drug traffic. They were the subjects of experimentation of this drug with the capacity to give the users superpowers. Tandy gained the power to harness life force to shape it into light daggers with capacity to hurt the targets and to drain their life force. She also can heal injuries and purify food and water. Tyrone has the power, when his body is in the shadow, to transform it into a portal to the Dark Dimension, an energetic plan from where he can channel dark energy to fight, and he also can teleport. Also, as the dimension he is linked to is a dimension of shadows, darkness and fears, he can trap enemies into for limited time to traumatise them (cool huh ?).

As they are victims of drug traffic, they can cross the path of Luke Cage, who is a fervent drug fighter, and maybe Jessica Jones, who might have investigated on this superhuman drug. Then, Tyrone and Tandy may want to become heroes and join the Defenders.

Possible actors : For Cloak, I dont have any idea, but Michael B. Jordan as someone I was thinking of. For Dagger, Amanda Seyfried.

Luke Cage/Iron-Fist/The Defenders - Colleen Wing & Misty Knight

Mercedes Knight was a police officer who saved the life of Colleen Wing. After losing her arm, Misty decided to quit police to found with Colleen a private investigations business : Nightwing Restoration LTD. They specialized into missing cases, and became known for their fighting skills. They often teamed-up with Luke Cage and Iron-Fist, and Misty was a long time involved in a romantic affair with Iron-Fist.

Misty possesses a bionic arm (like Winter Soldier's one) which grants her peak human strenght, and she is expert in the use of firearms. Colleen was raised as a samurai and uses commonly some blades and is able of minor chi manipulation. Their abilities might be welcome in the Defenders team.

Possible actresses : Yaya Dacosta or Kerry Washington as Misty ; Devon Aoki or Jamie Chung as Colleen Wing

Iron-Fist/The Defenders - Marc Spector (Moon Knight)

Marc Spector is the son of a rabbi who had escaped from Germany when Hitler managed to invade Czechoslovakia. Marc didn't understand why his father hadn't chose to fight persecusion, and decided to become a master fighter. After serving in the Marine Corps and working for CIA, Spector became a mercenary and was mortally wounded in the ruins of an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb. There, he encountered the god of vengeance Khonshu, who granted him some superhuman attributes in exchange of his services. Spector accepted and became Moon Knight.

He possesses super-strenght (which increases as the moon becomes brighter and higher in the sky), astral and nocturn vision, he can become nearly invisible in the shadow and when he exposes himself to moonlight, his injuries heal at a faster speed. And that's not all, because he's got a glider cloak and some Batman's-like weapons. However, he often suffers of mental illness.

In the Netflix series, Spector could be introduced easier in Iron-Fist, as Rand is a more mystical hero than his three associates.

Possible actor : Sam Worthington or Matthew Fox maybe...

Other possible characters : Arachne, Black Knight, White Tiger, Spiderman (I still can dream), Doc Samson and Blade. I admit that I didn't really talked a lot about villains, I apologize for that.

So, if I resume : the Defenders would be including : Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron-Fist, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Moon Knight, Cloak, Dagger, Hellcat and Ant-Man. They would have allies like the superhumans lawyer Jennifer Walters, the psychologist Leonard Samson and many contacts with superhuman governmental agences like the MI13 (Black Knight) etc.

What do you think about the villains who could show up in the Netflix series ? Which actors could play them ? Do you agree with my propositions of actors ? Answer in comments, tell me what you think about my first post, and thanks for reading !

PS : I'm French, so I'm not sure of the quality of my English. Sorry for the mistakes.


Which character would you like to see in the Netflix series ?


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