ByAngie Marie McGee, writer at

Reason 1- Donnie Darko is such a mind-fuck, that you will spend days, months, and years trying to figure it all out.

Reason 2- Frank.

Reason 3- Frank is really Elizabeth's dead boyfriend guiding Donnie through his afterlife with Gretchen.

Reason 4- The Philosophy of Time Travel.

Reason 5- Loop Holes in space.

Reason 6- Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal played Elizabeth & Donnie Darko (Siblings)

Reason 7- 28:06:48:12

Reason 8- The Philosophy of Time Travel by Roberta Sparrow ("Grandma Death") (Link to the book can be found, here)

Reason 9- A kick ass sound track. (Playlist to the soundtrack can be found, here )

Reason 10- You can interpret the movie anyway you want to, there's no specific reasoning behind it.


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