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Arguably one of the best recent castings, Jason Momoa (of Game of Thrones fame) is Aquaman. Rumoured to be in Batman v Superman, Momoa can bring a very intimidating feel and look to the King of Atlantis. And hopefully it can shut down all the Aquaman jokes.

Yeah screw you Robot Chicken. Nah it was pretty funny though. ANyways, here we go:

#4: The Concept Art Style

It looks hand drawn with some technology involved. It's great!

#3: The King of Atlantis

It brings a colourful but strong presence to Aquaman, focusing on his costume and what I can only assume is Atlantis.

#2: The Aquacockyman

This one's my personal favourite because he looks strong but has the cockiness that Aquaman needs to shut the haters up.

1. The Rugged Aquaman

A close second for me, I put it in first because skill-wise, this is the best fan art for Aquaman. I hope he has chest armor though. It'll make him look more badass. For the hair, I don't mind it long, but I'd rather it's short.

So what do you think? Do you hope Aquaman will look like this in the DCCU?


Which one did you like best?


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