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First time writing an article for Movie Pilot. The first article I was going to do was defending the Ant-Man movie.That thought slowly turned into Hank Pym is getting the shaft so far in the MCU. We shall see.

I have been a comic book reader for 44 years. My earliest memories of enjoying a comic book were of Adventure Comics No. 359 – “The Outlawed Legionnaires” and The Incredible Hulk#128 – “ And In This Corner… ”.

I am a comic book fan. I wish I could say that when it comes to Marvel and DC that I liked them the same 50/50 but I don't. Lets just say it is 58/42 in favor of Marvel.

My eldest son and I have discussed how the Marvel and DC universes are different. Basically we think Marvel is little bit more relatable. The people are the next door types and DC is more epic. There will always be a Batman a Flash etc..

Intro is over

Who is ruling the big screen? Facts and opinions to follow. Hopefully everyone will be able to tell the difference.

What criteria do you use when making your choice of who making better movies. Who is doing better or will be doing better. How much bias is involved (58/42) . If your favorite character is Batman can you really be bias when picking?

Do you just look at it year at a time or last five years or start in 1978 with Superman? I am going to look at the bodies of work since the 1978 Superman till now. Box office results are key. I will use domestic results and adjusted for inflation with a sprinkle of world wide totals. And a little IMO

Personally when watching a comic book movie I want that feeling I get when reading a good comic book.

There have been around 61 movies made since 1978 based on Marvel and DC characters. DC has made 26 and Marvel 35. Marvel WINS! Wait that's not right.

From 1978 to 1997 there were 12 DC movies and 1 Marvel movie(Howard the Duck) DC WINS! Wait that's not right. Howard the Duck made more money then Super-girl and Steel. Marvel WINS!!! No wait that's not right

DC ruled in the beginning. Almost half of the DC movies were made before 1997. WOW! I remember both Superman and Batman being awesome. They made me believe I was watching a comic book movie.

From 1998 to 2004 Marvel rolls out the next 9 movies before DC answers with Catwoman and then Marvel ends 2004 with Blade Trinity. This stretch included the dud The Punsher with a box office of $33,810,189 and even adjusted for inflation $45,189,100 sill is bad. We have the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises starting.

Spider-Man 1 and 2 made $576,723,400 and $499,317,600 adjusted for inflation. A few years later Spider-Man 3 did $405,988,600. This Spider-Man franchise total domestically adjusted did $1,482,029,600

X-Men franchise brought in $835,070,200 with 3 movies

Marvel is now in the game.

This next stretch is from 2005 to 2007. Some of the movies during this time consisted of some winners and losers. : Elektra, Constantine, Nolan's Batman franchises started during this time., 2 movies with Fantastic Four, V for Vendetta, X-Man: Last Stand, Superman Returns, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3.

The Spider-Man franchise ends and the new Batman franchise begins. Let us compare Batman Begins, X-Man: Last Stand, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the the 1978 Superman. Totals are adjusted for inflation.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer $159,149,180
X-Man: Last Stand $296,978,400
Batman Begins $265,889,700
Superman '78 $476,072,018

What does this mean? Rise of the Silver Surfer would still be a let down. X-Men: Last Stand and Batman Begins would still be a hit but the 1978 Superman 'would have been a blockbuster! Now non adjusted results Batman Begins beats X-Men: Last Stand. I had to say that because Batman Begins, is far better then X-men: Last Stand.

2008 to 2011. 14 movies in three years. Almost a forth of the total movies made since 1978. DC have 6 and Marvel have 8. Nolan gives us the 2nd Batman and DC attempts a Green Lantern movie. The most important event is Marvel starts making their own movies.

Nolan's Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight adjusted for inflation did a whopping $616,432,900 followed by The Dark Knight Rises with $478,091,800 . Add in Batman Begins with $265,889,700 we have grand total of $1,360,414,400. Side note The Dark Knight world wide total is over one billion by itself. This Batman trilogy did not give me that warm and fuzzy feeling of reading a comic book but I still enjoyed them.

Marvel movie machine turns it on with the Iron-Man franchise. Iron-Man did $368,069,800 , Iron-Man 2 brought in $326,188,300 and Iron-Man 3 with $405,109,300 . Grand total of $1,099,367,400. Iron-Man 3 did 1.2 billion world wide.

The difference between the two Iron Man and the Batman franchises is batman raked in $261,047,000 more. DC WINS!!! Wait a minute. Time to interject some opinion. The latest Batman trilogy only beat Iron-Man by $261 million. Think about this. Batman could very well be considered the most iconic superhero ever. EVER. Where as Iron-Man just in the Marvel universe prior to the movies would fall behind Spider-Man several of the X-Men and the Hulk

Side note. Fox by the numbers. The mutant franchise.

X-Men: First Class $150,934,300,
X-Men: Days of Future Past $233,079,100,
X-Men Origins: Wolverine $200,138,000
The Wolverine $140,236,000
A grand total adjusted for inflation $724,387,400.

Sony by the numbers. Spider-Man, Marvels number one character.

The Amazing Spider-Man $279,544,300
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $202,123,400.
The total adjusted for inflation $481,667,700

If we were to combine Sony and Fox movies together (6 movies) the total would be a total $1,206,055,100. The Batman Dark Knight trilogy still made 100 million with just 3 movies. That's why people want Marvel to get their characters rights back.

2012 to present day. Marvel is in full swing with their phases and DC is launching its first cinematic universe moving Man of Steel. Lets key on Man of Steel, Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel's The Avengers. Man of Steel $288,267,000. If it were any other movie it would be a smashing hit. But this is Superman and just like Batman one of the most iconic characters ever. ( Batman and Superman are #1 and #2 but I wont say which is which). Guardians of the Galaxy $341,764,300 .

Korath: Who are you?
Peter Quill/Star-Lord: Star Lord...
Korath: Who?
Peter Quill/Star-Lord: Star Lord man, the legendary outlaw? forget it...

The MCU is rolling. My jaw dropped when the said they were making GotG movie. Marvel had a plan it is working. The DCCU is just starting. Their engines are warming. Iron Man Marvels first MCU movie did $368 million. So lets give DC a break. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the tell all.

“ And In This Corner… ”. Marvel's The Avengers $637,176,200 and 1.5 billion world wide.

Side note. Top 10 adjusted Marvel\DC movies. Superman 1978 at # 7

1 Marvel's The Avengers BV $637,176,200 5/4/2012 Marvel
2 The Dark Knight WB $616,432,900 7/18/2008 DC
3 Spider-Man Sony $576,723,400 5/3/2002 Marvel
4 Batman WB $522,523,300 6/23/1989 DC
5 Spider-Man 2 Sony $499,317,600 6/30/2004 Marvel
6 The Dark Knight Rises WB $478,091,800 9 7/20/2012 DC
7 Superman WB $476,072,500 12/15/1978 DC
8 Spider-Man 3 Sony $405,988,600 5/4/2007 Marvel
9 Iron Man 3 BV $405,109,300 5/3/2013 Marvel
10 Iron Man Par. $368,069,800 5/2/2008 Marvel

Who is winning the big screen besides me and you?. Marvel is. Can DC catch up? Yes and I think they will with Dawn of Justices. Two of the most iconic comic book characters on the big screen together for the first time is EPIC and that's what DC is all about. This movie will challenge the Avenger movies for that top spot. If does not then Warner Brothers can join Fox and Sony at the bottom.

When I watch a Marvel movie I feel like I am watching a comic book.


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