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So I recently got the amazing chance to attend the Project Almanac premiere and check out the film! I have to say, I really enjoyed it; the mix of sci-fi and found footage was interesting and the cast, despite all of them being sort of young and new were talented and worked very well together. For those who don't know, Project Almanac is a film about five young adults who find a time machine and begin going back in time to better their lives. Of course, things go incredibly awry, as most time-traveling adventures do, and the five find themselves in some serious trouble. But even though the film does have the classic "time-travel equals trouble" formula, I feel like there are a lot more things that could have gone wrong, regarding time-travel. Like what? Well let's see:

5. Meeting yourself can have dire consequences!

This is clearly seen in Project Almanac, when one of the main characters sees themselves and begins to fade out of existence. This is the most obvious thing not to do when time-traveling. Everyone knows this! Causing yourself, to see yourself can cause you to fade out of existence because...well...time-travel. No one really knows why you'd fade, because movies always use a different excuse. But it's pretty obvious seeing yourself would alter history and therefore, cause you to disappear. But movie's always talk about the person who sees themselves disappear. In reality, a lot of other people and things could disappear if you see yourself.

Let's say you go back in time and meet yourself. You then fade out of existence. Poof! Gone forever. That's it right? Well, maybe.

But what if you were an important person in the future? What if you cured all known diseases? With you gone, there's a lesser chance of that world famous, all-disease curing serum being invented. Or what if you save the world from total and utter destruction? With you gone, the world is doomed! Or what if you were the inventor of Netflix? If you fade out of existence, so does Netflix! WE WOULD HAVE NO NETFLIX!

Mustn't get worked up. Not until I finish this post.
Mustn't get worked up. Not until I finish this post.

4. So can meeting someone else.

Just as meeting yourself can be pretty consequential, so can meeting someone else; especially someone who is, or is going to be prominent in your life. Now I'm not just talking about meeting your parents before they have you, it's the people you don't think about you gotta watch out for! Let's say you go back in time and meet a cute girl.

You soon become smitten with each other and fall in love. You ask her to quit her job and move with you to some extravagant place for the rest of your lives; she agrees. Happy ending right? Wrong! That beautiful lady was actual the Realtor that convinced your mom and dad to move into the house that they would eventually have you in! She's horrified as you slowly fade out of existence right in front of her eyes!

So yeah, best to stay away from absolutely everyone when time-traveling. Just keep walking if anyone tries to talk to you.

Especially people giving out flyers for something.
Especially people giving out flyers for something.

3. Much more than the common cold to worry about..

Advancements in medical research have allowed us to tackle the diseases and ailments we have today. But with new medicines, for some reason, comes new diseases and ailments. So in the future, you can bet there'll be some new and bad sickness to worry about. But the people of the future will grow immune to it, just like we've grown immune to some ailments today, like the common cold. Great for them, not so much for you. If you travel to the future, something as little as a cough or a sneeze could bring you in to contact with some new bacteria your body has never experienced before; which just might instantly kill you!

And what about the people of the past? Say you travel to before the common cold was discovered. By sneezing or coughing back then, you could hypothetically sicken anyone you come across with! It'd be like the black plague all over again. You could either kill a bunch of people, or get killed by a bunch of people! Either way, it's not looking pretty for you.

2. Landscapes tend to change. Who knew?!

Another dangerous thing to watch out for while time-traveling, is the very area around you. Places change throughout time, that desolate warehouse that you're using as a time-travel spot possibly used to be a hot, sandy desert. So it's entirely plausible that in the future it could become a deadly tar pit, or a sink hole!

And it's not just the obvious landscape changes that are a possibility either. In the future, the entire world could possibly become elevated just a few inches up. So when you travel to the future, there's a good chance your feet would be infused with the floor! Not the best way to start/end your time-traveling escapades!

1. People will think you're crazy and most likely try to kill you!

What's the first thing you want to do after you've traveled back in time? Tell everyone that you've traveled back in time of course! Do not do this! Everyone will think you're a loony person and you'll find yourself either in a mental hospital or on death's row.

Even if you don't mention that you're from the future, the way you talk is enough for them to grow suspicious. The people of yesterday were, thankfully spared from words like "twerk and selfie", so they might think it a bit strange when you use them.

So there you have it! Five reasons that time-traveling is a super bad idea! You know what's not a bad idea though? Checking out Project Almanac (nice segue huh?), currently in theaters! It's seriously a really good and fun film! Check out the trailer below!

And even though time-traveling is a pretty horrible idea, you should still tell me when and/or where you'd travel to if you had a time machine! Me personally, I'd like to travel to the 1930's or 40's and see classic America! Or perhaps old-timey England!

Anyway, tell me below if you'd like and thanks for reading!


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