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Amy Martin

In my opinion, 2002's 'The Ring' (originally 1998's 'Ringu') has to be one of the most chilling horror flicks of the 21st century. It was original, had a great atmosphere, and was just downright scary. Due to it's high success in the box office, it's only natural that we saw a sequel in 2005, which let's be honest, was more than a little disappointing. So why a third film in the franchise is being made a decade after the original sequel is a bit beyond me - and just where will it stand in the original story line? Ideas are just been thrown around in the air at this stage, but it sounds like the new film 'Rings' will actually be more of a reboot of the original story than a second sequel.

So should we be excited for this? Well in all honesty, I'm not too sure as of yet - I suppose it depends on how they go about making the story, and where in the original timeline it will be set. I can't see a Ring movie set in modern times working out at ALL. It's not like they'd be able to use an unmarked VHS tape anymore - because the majority of the population upgraded to DVD, like, over 10 years ago.

Perhaps the film could be set around 'the unmarked Blu-ray', or 'the unmarked download file'..... Hmm no, on second thought, maybe not such a great idea.

'Rings' will be hitting US cinema's on November 13th this year. Will YOU be checking it out?


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