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Many people are theorizing about Captain America: Civil War. I'm going to do the same thing and expound on what will happen to the different heros we have.

War Machine

Some think War Machine will die in Age of Ultron. Nevertheless, I'm still putting him in the list, because I'm not sure if anyone will die in Age of Ultron. Getting back on topic, he will be on Iron Man's side of the Civil War, obviously.


I don't think he will be in Civil War. Where will he be? I don't know, but I hope he goes to space and it turns into a Planet Hulk film.


Again, people are theorizing that he will die in Age of Ultron. But, I don't care. I think Marvel should use Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch like what happened to Reed Richards and Susan Storm. If you don't know what happens, then basically Richards is with Iron Man, while Susan Storm is with Captain America. So, Quicksilver would side with Captain America.

Scarlet Witch

I just explained what should happen to her. And, that means Scarlet Witch side with Iron Man.


Most definitely, he's with Cap. I also hope that he'll get a new suit made out of some Stark technology.


I'm pretty sure he won't be in this film. There's no need for him. Now, they could have Tony create a clone of Thor like he did in the comics. Of course, Chris Hemsworth would play as the clone of Thor.


His Netflix tv show premieres in April. Yes, this April!!! I can't wait! Anyway, I don't think he will make an appearance in the film, unfortunately. But, I do think he'll be in Infinity War.

Winter Soldier

If you've watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you know the Winter Soldier turns good at the end. So, he will be on Captain America's side.

Maria Hill

I honestly don't know who she'd join, if she doesn't die in Age of Ultron. (Tell me in the comments section which side you think k she'd be on)


I am pretty sure Marvel will follow what happened in the comics to Spiderman. It would be the wise move on Marvel's part.

Black Panther

Black Panther is another character I'm not exactly sure on. So, I'm going to guess and say he will side with Iron Man

Agents of SHIELD

I think it'd be very cool to have Stamford happen in Agents of SHIELD, and then have Tony watch the incident like he did in Avengers. It would also be a great way to fully bring Phil Coulson back, along with the others. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Skye/Daisy/Quake with her fully developed powers fighting along side with Captain America.

Nick Fury

He is confirmed to be in the film already. So, I think that he Will be With Captain America.


Hawkeye is another character confirmed to be in the film, and I'm sure Age of Ultron will/should answer which side he will be on. But, if I had to guess, I'd say Captain America.

Black Widow

She should also be answered in Age of Ultron, but she will most likely be With Captain America.

Doctor Strange

I don't know if he will be in Civil War also, but I sincerely and desperately hope so. If he is, he will be With Captain America. I say that 1) because of the many Dr. Strange Easter eggs that were in The Winter Soldier and 2) because he doesn't ever give out his secret identity.


If he doesn't die in Age of Ultron, then he will most definitely side with Iron Man.

Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

I don't think we will see Hank Pym suit up in Civil War, but Scott Lang will follow his ideals and side with Iron Man.


She also would be with Iron Man, because Scott Lang will and Hank Pym would.

Other Netflix heros

No heros such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist will be in the film, I think. Daredevil is most llikely the only one with a chance to show up in the film.

In Conclusion

So what do you think? Do you think I'm right or wrong on which side the different heros will be on? Tell me in the comment section anything I may have missed or that I'm wrong on. Or just tell me your opinion on my theories. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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