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For those who are confused as to who I am talking about: Tyrone Magnus is youtuber who reacts to viral videos, articles, and many other things. He is a big superhero nut considering he calls himself the Black Viking who wields the Dark Mjolnir. As a Magnusite (what he calls his subscribers) I think he is such a fun and incredibly cool youtuber who has earned his way into my Top 5 youtubers after watching his videos for over a year. He is currently on a journey to get one million subscribers and I hope you all help him.

Now onto why I made this article!

Tyrone Magnus' 'about' page describes him also as an actor and voice-over actor. So whilst watching videos and I see how much he loves superheroes and how much fun he has with videos about them: I honestly think he could pull off playing as a superhero or even a super-villain.

First, he has the charm: every video he either makes me laugh or smile. Especially the video where he reacted to an article of mine.

Second, his physique and deep voice are perfect for that of both a hero or villain. Recently he reacted and reviewed the Fantastic Four teaser and in it he repeated the monologue from the trailer. Personally I thought he sounded cooler than the one in the trailer although the actual speech was awesomely done.

Third, the guy is so much fun to watch. Again referring to his Fantastic Four video, the intro he did for that video made me grin and laugh big time. Heck most of his intros are awesome. From the funny ones to the actually cool ones like his Reptile MKX video or Star Wars Force Awakens video. So putting someone that fun on the big screen is sure to get a lot of fans.

Now when I first see Magnus, in terms of heroes, I immediately think of Luke Cage AKA Power Man. Unfortunately Mike Colter is already cast as that character but Magnus IS also a voice-over actor so I could see him as an animated Luke Cage.

However I have a few other choices for characters that Magnus could play such as Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning. One of the first African-American superheroes in comic-book history (whether he is the first or not is unknown to me) and I love this character.

And to give sort of an example of Magnu's physique for a hero I fiddled with photoshop and made this.

While he is a bit more of an obscure character for audiences, I think people could come to love him especially if this guy is playing him.

Next there is the Emerald Crusader John Stewart AKA Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Sucky photoshop, I know but it is just to give you an idea. Here is the thing though, I am not that big of fan of John Stewart. He always seemed meh to me but there have been times where the movie version of a character has been better than the comic book version such as Blade, Thor, etc.

By the off chance Tyrone actually reads this article, I want him to show off his epic voice with a reading of the Green Lantern Oath as if he were in a scene. Just to show moviepilot AND the people at Hollywood who do check out MP an example of what he can do.

The villain has weakened John Stewart immensly and is forced to be on one knee but Stewart finds the will to continue the fight, so he speaks out,

"In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night. No evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might...beware (changes to yelling) MY POWER....GREEN LANTERN'S LIIIIIGHT!"

What better way to show off an epic voice than with the epic Green Lantern line?

Now what really got me intrigued in him possibly playing a villain was what I talked about earlier when he spoke the Fantastic Four trailer speech. So I created a monologue of my own for my own original story in the future and I thought it would be another read for him,

"Mercy. beg for it yet when received you squander it. Waste it. You all scatter about your world like insects: insignificant and pathetic. You will know what it's like: to actually feel small, as I take away your hope, your will, and your light. Then you can beg me for mercy and you will remember my new name: ......Malice."

Have chills? I hope so. Well I hope people actually like this article AND please check out Tyrone Magnus' channel and help him get to that one million subscriber status! WOO!


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