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Say what you will about the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film series; the first may have been a bit slow, the second too rushed and the third a bit too full, cast-wise. But Tobey Maguire's run under the mask iconicized the character and, in my opinion, brought superhero films to the spotlight long before Marvel's well thought out MCU plan!

But Tobey Maguire wasn't the only star in that film to play an iconic role! And no I'm not talking about Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane or James Franco as Harry Osborne, I'm talking about everyone's favorite hard-boiled boss; J. Jonah Jameson!

The role of Jameson, done masterfully by actor J.K. Simmons, was the arguably the most solid role in the history of comic book character casting! Simmons made my top list of actors who need to reprise their roles a while back, and I'm sure he made everyone else's as well!

Well those who've been hoping that J.K. Simmons dons the iconic mustache and cigar combo once more don't need to worry! He hears us, and he's down for it!


Simmons, while being interviewed on the 'Howard Stern Show', nearly let slip some Spider-Man related news. When asked if he was ever going to reprise his as the iconic character again.

"I just heard that we...that that's a possibility."

Now obviously, "possibility" means, just that. It's of course possible for him to reprise the role, the question is if Marvel or Sony will ever hire him for it again. But naturally, everyone paid more attention to the first part of his sentence, myself included. When he says, "I just heard that we..." and then pauses for a moment, it's clear he stopped himself from giving anything off. What could that be? Well, it is possible that he could be hiding the fact that he is reprising the role, but more likely, he and the companies might have already talked about it. Still, that's enough to merit a look of excitement and awe!

The fact that Simmons might already be being looked at for the role is awesome! Who else could play such an amazing role! It'd be like if they got someone else to be Stan Lee in the Stan Lee cameos! Absolutely unacceptable! Of course, this is all still a rumor! So don't go cosplaying as Jonah to celebrate yet (although that's still a great Comic-Con idea)!

With the Amazing Spider-Man franchise potentially getting rebooted, it is possible we'll see J. Jonah Jameson in an upcoming film! Let's hope that J.K Simmons is the one to portray him!



Do you want to see J.K Simmons play J. Jonah Jameson Again?


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