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They just won't stop teasing us will they? We Fifty Shades fans have been hovering for the new glimpses from the movie. And now, director Sam Taylor-Johnson gives us a tour of Christian's apartment (well more like mansion) and we get a bonus peak of the sexy scenes - including Christian eating out of Ana's hand!!! (brace yourself for more steamy action!)

The apartment of course is...HUGE!!

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson gives us another trailer, giving us the grand tour of our Fifty Shades hottie Christian Grey's apartment, which of course was huge. His spacious state-of-the-art mansion has beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, marble floors and of course the incredible grand piano!!

Half-naked Mr. Grey playing his incredible piano
Half-naked Mr. Grey playing his incredible piano

"Christian Grey's apartment was quite phenomenal as set" Sam says. "It's important to feel that Ana's world is this sweet, charming existence and then Christian's world, you know, this huge, voluminous apartment."

From what we can tell...most of the action takes place in Christian's "voluminous" apartment!!

A bedroom at the Escala..probably Ana's!
A bedroom at the Escala..probably Ana's!

We see some action in the trailer as well. One scene shows Ana twirling around in a pink dress, in another Christian plays piano for her in the dark and then they share a sexy meal together where he seductively eats out of her hands!

Ooh La La!! The heat has been turned up a notch!!


Are you excited to see Christian Grey's apartment?


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