ByFrancoise Nina-z Frenchy Edwards, writer at

Even though I have seen Avengers in the theater many times and can easily access my own copy of it, for some reason I got all excited that FX was showing it. I watched it two nights in a row this past week and even though this would be very easy to blow off as nothing or coincidental, the fact Ant-Man is a movie that is happening made me very sensitive to early dialogue between Loki and Nick Fury. The dialogue is, NICK FURY: We have no quarrel with your people. LOKI: An ant has no quarrel with a boot. NICK FURY: You planning to step on us? Wouldn't writers for Avengers be sensitive to that? Watching two nights in a row, my mind went directly to the Avengers game I play on Facebook with Hank Pym's big boot coming down on his enemies. Just goes to show Marvel fans have super sensitivities and antennae! Oh wait, I meant to say Marvel-ous sensitivities.


Is Loki's simple dialogue about an ant meant to jog Marvel fan's minds?


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