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After a long period of doubt about the lack of information, Fox and co. have finally released a teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four. Does it deliver? Like hell, it does! This is something way better than we expected, especially because the leaked plot details don't look particularly appetizing. Victor Von Doom as a programmer guy does not look like a really interesting thing to watch out for. Though other than that things DO seem to be looking up.

Let's look at the trailer itself...

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

So here are my reactions to it with reasons that this time around, we'll finally get the Fantastic Four movie we deserve :

1) It doesn't look like your regular superhero movie

Throughout the teaser there's this sci-fi feeling of impending doom and destruction that just can't be placed in a regular superhero movie. It even feels a little bit like Interstellar, if you know what I am talking about. This is exactly the kind of change we require. The earlier Fantastic Four movies suffered from an overly campy sort of tone. This is the difference we need. On top of that, the team don't even seem to have costumes of their own.

2) The CGI is way better

Throughout the ages, film technology has improved almost to the extent that the audience can believe that the monster or power or natural disaster(2012) looks completely real. The earlier films of the Fantastic Four have suffered from unrealistic graphics. Starting with the first attempt in 1990 or something...okay, the lesser said of that attempt the better. The 2004 remake/reboot was an improvement in terms of graphics, but there were still problems. Namely that the animation didn't fit in with the real life background. You notice it every time Reed Richard's/Mr.Fantastic's hand stretches. But this version has no such problems. The visuals look amazing and are in their right places. Add to that the fact that the Thing looks the way he's supposed to(a rock) rather than a guy wearing a suit.

3) A really good eye for settings

This is something new from director Josh Trank. The settings in this installment are really a treat to the eyes. From the city in the beginning to the mountains to the fields and finally to the weird apocalyptic place the spacemen(most probably the big four) are climbing through, everything looks perfect. He couldn't do much of this in Chronicle as it was a found footage film. Through this movie, he exhibits an almost natural ability to make the film look as pretty as a girl on her wedding day. Hats off to that.

4) More Background Information

The previous 2004 film provided next to nothing of background except that spoken by the characters themselves. Still, people do get bored of Reed and Sue moaning about their past relationship without actually seeming to experience any of it. This factor seemed to make all the characters sorta flat. But this movie has no problem with that. Heck, they even have a frigging flashback scene of Reed Richards that's sure to last more than just a few seconds.

5) Pitch Perfect Casting

This is the last and the most important aspect of the movie that I'm going to cover. The earlier installment had the problem of bad performances to cope with. The casting fits the bill, with each actor or actress having some strong performance in their past. Miles Teller has proved that he's got the acting chops through an electrifying performance in Whiplash. He makes a really good Mr.Fantastic.Michael.B.Jordan(The Human Torch) has stolen the show in movies like The Wire. Kate Mara(Sue Storm) is known for her role in the Netflix show House of Cards while who doesn't know Jamie Bell(The Thing) as Billy Eliot? And at last, Toby Kebbel will make a killing as Doctor Doom.

That's it Folks! The very last thing that I am going to mention is that Josh Trank will smash it with a bigger budget, better CGI and a worldwide release.

Thank you very much for reading my first article. Hope y'all enjoyed it. If not, I promise to write better next time over.

Tell me what you feel in the comments down below!


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