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After 25 years we are finally getting a new Ghostbusters movie. Boy is it new, everyone involved were just fans like I am and probably never thought they would have a proton pack strapped to their back. Since the mid 90’s we've heard all kinds of rumors, actors, and scripts related to the Ghostbusters property. With every piece of news I’d get excited only to be let down. Now we have a release date (July 22, 2016), and we've got our Ghostbusters. It may not be the movie that we all want, but it’s what we have.

I would admit that when Paul Feig was announced as director and his idea of the all female cast I was outraged and disappointed. I mean GB without the “guys” was blasphemous! Now we have actresses, and I was still skeptical. Kristen Wiig is pretty funny, the most I've seen of her was Saturday Night live. Then there's one that, well I just don’t see the appeal. The two that are current SNL primetime players and I had no idea about. So I did my due diligence and researched and watched and these two have won me over. Leslie Jones has that edge to her much like Eddie Murphy had at SNL, and if you don’t know the rumor is that Eddie was the first choice to play Winston but due to his commitment to “Beverly Hills Cop” he was unable to do the part. So the common denominator between the Originals and New team is most have spent time at SNL.

My fears were that we were going to get a female version of the original team, I just don’t see a female version of Venkman very appealing. When you break him down he’s a womanizing, lazy bastard that I love to death. I didn't see that translating to the fairer sex. My fear was squashed by some outlets leaking script details about the characters that may or may not be true.

After reading the details and thinking about it, I decided to get on board and hope this is great. I have done this for the reason that if this does good then it may lead another property that I can 100% get behind (like the Sony leaked Idea from Channing Tatum wanting him and Chris Pratt heading up a team of their own.) Who knows we could see the start of a huge Ghostbuster’s Universe with multiple movies and maybe even a television show, much like the Marvel Universe.

One thing that has rubbed me the wrong way is some proponents of this Neo-Ghostbusters movie making this into a feminists movement/political statement. Let’s just enjoy the movie next year. Yeah there’s people that are not going to like this because of the female cast, but there’s also a contingent that may not find Paul Feig’s movies funny or one or multiple women of the cast funny. Which if it’s the former then that’s no reason to vilify them. Hell I've change my mind! So if you're going to be a stick in the mud and hold your breath like a child then don’t go see it. I’m going to go to a theater wearing my jumpsuit and enjoy the show.

Although I think we all can agree this would be awesome!


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