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In an episode of Comedy Central's popular news comedy The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert was talking about a Chinese knock-off of his show.

That's right! In China, a news comedy called The Banquet had ripped off almost everything related to The Colbert Report, ranging from the opening sequence to the show's logo to the version of Cheap Trick's "Baby Mumbles" that was used as the theme song to the show.

Notice the difference?
Notice the difference?

Watch The Banquet's opening sequence below, and you'll see why!

Similarly, in 2012 (I think), a Chinese sketch comedy series called Da Peng had ripped-off Conan O'Brien's show Conan on TBS, mostly ripping off the opening title sequence. Also, a Chinese sitcom called iPartment had ripped off many famous American sitcoms, mostly The Big Bang Theory (although an episode of The Big Bang Theory showed the Chinese counterparts to Sheldon and Leonard).

So, why is China ripping off so many of our shows? Well, China doesn't have very strong copyright laws. Or, in this case, China has absolutely no copyright laws at all. This also explains why many knock-off children's toys also come from China, and they usually contain lead paint, which means that these toys are extremely dangerous, even if they looked cute!

And with that, we come to the close of another investigative copyright report!


What are your thoughts on the Chinese Colbert Report knock-off?


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