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I'm sure most of us have seen the article on this site that talks about the casting of Jimmy Olsen in the new Supergirl tv show (if not check it out by clicking here) and to be honest, I was dissapointed. How could a nerd like Jimmy Olsen be played by a former supermodel like Mehcad Brooks? Now I'm not saying the actor that plays Jimmy Olsen can't be attractive but I also don't think he should be a supermodel, especially one that is so physically different from the character.

It just doesn't fit. Now from what we've seen DC keeps it's cinematic universe and television universe separate, that means they have another chance at getting this right! I've read on an MTV article online that the character has already appeared in the Man of Steel as Jenny Olsen, played by Rebecca Buller.

I mean c'mon DC step up your game, you had a second chance why didn't you take it?!? I just don't think the chemistry between I mean Jenny Olsen and Superman will be the same. Hopefully they will introduce Jimmy Olsen as a character later on in the cinematic universe played by (drum roll please) ...Dax Flame!!!

To me he's perfect for the role, he looks the part, and from what we've seen of him in 21 Jump Street and a short cameo in 22 Jump Street, he can play the part.


What do you think of my fan-casting?


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