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As a huge fan of Mark Hamill and his wonderful performances as The Joker over the years, I've decided to do a list of performances that I found enjoyable and amazing from the great man himself. These aren't in any order.

I run a fan page dedicated to Mark Hamill and his wonderful Joker.

The Joker (Mark Hamill Version).

10) Joker's favor.

Joker's favor.
Joker's favor.

Joker's favor is famous for introducing Harley Quinn. It's a wonderful episode and shows The Joker from being hilarious to dangerous. Of course as a kid growing up one particular scene left me afraid. The scene itself was when we find out that Joker has been stalking/watching Charlie Collins. Charlie has moved on and made his wife and kids move with him, he's changed his name and everything. Not aware Joker is watching his every move. Unfortunately ofr Charlie he get's a phone call from Mr J. Mark's performance on the phone is very creepy and at the same time hilarious.

Joker: Hello, Charlie.

Charlie :Wrong number, pal. My name's Don.

Joker :Oh, no, no, no. This is the right number, Charles Michael Collins. Oh, I don't know why you changed your name to Don Wallace and moved your family to 12 Marigold Lane, Springdale, ohio. One might think you were trying to skip out on our little deal. Leave the sideburns.

Charlie : How did you find me? -

Joker: Oh, I never lost you, Chaz. You've become my hobby. Now listen up, Charlie Brown. You're booked on the next flight to Gotham. Tell the family you have to visit a sick friend. Oh, and let's keep this to ourselves, okay? Bad things happen to people who gossip. Capisce, Carlo?

Charlie - Yeah.

Joker- Good. See you.

9) "Make's you want to laugh doesn't it, Artie?" Mask of the Phantasm.

The Joker. MOTP.
The Joker. MOTP.

Mask of the Phantasm was a brilliant film. It's wonderful soundtrack and brilliant performances from Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany and Mark Hamill and of course brilliant writing from the BTAS team make this to be one of the best Batman animated movies ever.

Of course with us getting a look at Bruce's past and his former love, we were given a brief look at Joker's past. Yes, it was interesting to have Bruce and Jack meet before they were destined to become rivals/arch enemies.

Mark Hamill's performance in this movie is absolutely amazing. The scene where he visits Arthur in his office is probably one of his best moments from that era of his Joker before Return of the Joker. Finding out that Arthur has been seeing Andrea, The Joker realises who's been killing off all of his former friends or employers. He decided to teach Arthur a lesson and make him laugh. Many people have said The Joker stabs him but if anyone can explain I'd be grateful.

Of course, we get The Joker going up against the Phantasm and Batman which leads to another great laugh from Mr Hamill as the place they're at explodes.

If you haven't seen Mask of the Phantasm I highly recommend it.

Before he became The Joker.
Before he became The Joker.

8) "Don't get up Bruce, it's just an old friend come by to say hello./ Oh what the heck, I'll laugh anyway. " - Return of the Joker.

So Batman Beyond Return of the Joker was the first time for Mark Hamill to go fully evil as The Joker. Return of the Joker was edited for being too violent due to Joker's death. As a fan I found the dying from being electrocuted more scary and creepy due to the way Joker screamed. This film was very dark and of course had Joker turning Robin literally into a young version of himself. The flashback scene does go onto a lot of controversy. Joker Stabs Bruce in the leg which is why he permanently has a limp and of course the death of the Joker leads Bruce to abandoning everyone he cared for.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in the flashback scene are absolutely incredible. When we find out that Joker know's who he really is and insults Bruce over his parents, it truly shows Kevin Conroy at his best.

As Joker continues to make Batman angry, the wonderful performances from Hamill and Conroy continues to impress like always. This scene leads to The Joker's death. It's wonderful and of course you can feel the intensity of what is coming. This really captures the feel of Batman and Joker from the comics.

As I mentioned before Return of the Joker had two different deaths. Joker was electrocuted and was shot by Robin. Both were very dark and gruesome.

The Joker attacks Bruce.
The Joker attacks Bruce.

Many years later after Bruce had retired, The Joker showed up again. Bruce was more surprised than anyone. At one point in the movie, Joker breaks into Wayne Manor and almost kills Bruce. It's a terrifying scene, showing Hamill as a Hannibal esque type Joker.

"Don't get up Bruce, it's just an old friend come by to say hello."


7) Arkham Asylum.

After going on a hiatus from The Joker for a while, Mark Hamill returned as Joker with Kevin Conroy in Rocksteady's wonderful Batman Arkham Asylum video game. Also in the reunion with Arleen Sorkin, it would be her last time as Harley as she would be replaced in Arkham City by Tara Strong. Paul Dini wrote it.

Mark's performance in Arkham Asylum was incredible. During the game as you play as Batman, Joker would appear on TV screens to goad you on. Hamill is at his best here and of course his performance would be topped in Arkham City.

6) Be a clown.

Be a Clown is an episode of BTAS. The Joker is watching Mayor Hill on the news who then decides to compare him to Batman. Joker get's angry and decides to go to The Mayor's mansion and teach him a lesson.

As a child I always found this episode very hard to watch because I found The Joker to be terrifying here. Mostly because of him watching the news and of course him attending Jordan's birthday party. Mark plays Joker wonderful here and is at his creepy best here.

For BTAS, I still find this episode to be quite dark.

5) Batman Arkham City.

I absolutely adore Batman Arkham City. Kevin Conroy and Mark are wonderful in this game. During the whole game, Mark and Kevin continue to show why they are the best Batman and Joker duo.

During the game The Joker leaves Batman voice messages which I find absolutely hilarious. Also it becomes a bit of a dangerous game between Bats and Joker later on in the game.

Arkham City is famous now for it's ending in which I can say is one of the best Hamill/ Conroy moments ever.

4) The Laughing Fish.

Another wonderful episode from BTAS. This time the episode was based on comic with the same title. It's wonderful and yet again gives Mark a chance to really show his Joker at his funny and creepy best. The TV advert is one of the most hilarious things that I witnessed from Mark's Joker and the happy meal quote.

JOKER: You're right, Harley. Fish are disgusting. I think I'll start using my toxin on cattle. Joker burgers! Ha! Talk about a happy meal!/

Of course we see Joker whack Batman with the wrench and Joker poison people with his Joker Toxin. Of course, Mark was wonderful when he made The Joker go from happy to angry.

3) Mad Love.

From a Star Wars reference to how Harley Quinn became who she was, Mad love is a wonderful episode from the TNBA. Although Joker's design wasn't the best when they redesigned him, Mark was still at his best and of course he's magnificent in this episode.

What's truly amazing about this episode is we get to see The Joker lie to get into the mind of a Doctor, Harleen Quinzelle and corrupt her. A lot of the episode we see Harley blaming Batman and of course The Joker abusing her really quite badly.

Mark and Arleen are wonderful to listen to and of course we get to hear Batman laugh which is creepy from Kevin Conroy.

"May the floss be with you" made me laugh a lot. We realise that The Joker is really determined to get rid of Batman but at the same time won't let anyone else do it. We see him push Harley out of the window and kick her out of a door.

2) The Man Who killed Batman. Joker's eulogy.

Although Joker's not in a lot of the episode itself, this episode see's Joker upset at Batman's apparent demise. Mark is great here and also gives humor to the part as well. He reads out his eulogy and then chucks Sidney into a coffin with Batman's cowl into a vat of acid.

JOKER: "Dear friends. . .Today is the day that the clown cried. And he cries not for the passing of one man, but for the death of a dream. The dream that he would someday taste the ultimate victory over his hated enemy. For it was the Batman who made me the happy soul I am today. How I agonized over the perfect way to thank him for that. Perhaps with a cyanide pie in the face. Or an exploding whoopie-cushion playfully planted in the Batmobile. But those dreams were dashed by the weaselly little gunsel sitting there in our midst. The cowardly insignificant gonif who probably got lucky when Batman slipped on the slime trail this loser left behind him. This mound of diseased hyena filth who's not fit to lick the dirt from my spats. . . ! But I digress. The time for sorrow has passed. It's time to look to a future filled with smiles. And I'll be smiling again just as soon as we take that man there and slap him in that box there and roll him into that vat of acid there! . . . We'll that was fun! Who's for Chinese?"

It definitely show's Mark's wonderful talent as Joker, going from sad to being happy again.

1) Joker's Wild.

Possibly my favourite Joker episode as a kid. The fight in the Jokermobile and the hints to his past as Jack Napier. One particular moment I love is when The Joker escapes Arkham and steals the lorry.

Mark plays Joker more funny and angry in this episode rather than the creepy side of him. Another moment is when The Joker meets Bruce Wayne and they play cards.

Joker:"Oh, please, Mr. Kaiser! You of all people should have realized there'd be a Joker in the deck!".

So these are my favourite performances of Mark Hamill as The Joker. These aren't in order of preference but the ones that really show's Mark and his wonderful talent as Joker.

Mark did also appear in Static Shock, Justice League and the video game Batman Vengeance I do love those performances as well.

Comment below or vote for your favourite performances from these selection of Mark Hamill Joker appearances.


What's your favourite Mark Hamill Joker performance?


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