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Greetings everyone! Here we are 11 episodes into season 3 of Arrow. It's been an interesting season with crossovers with The Flash and more comic book characters making their way to the TV screen. Now, that I'm caught up I'm going to try to do a review of episodes week in and week out for both this show and The Flash. Click right here to jump over to this week's review of The Flash episode 11 "The Sound and the Fury"

Much like my reviews for The Flash I'm going to try to do video and written reviews. If you would like to see my video review click on this video right below:

SPOILER WARNING! That's right if you haven't seen every episode of Arrow leading up to episode 11 "Midnight City" I may spoil some things for you. So go catch up on Hulu then find your way back to my page :)

I'm going to be breaking down these episodes into the top 5 things that stuck out to me. They could be good or they could be bad! It's just about what was noteworthy to me.

5. Thea's Storyline...or lack of one

I feel like I'm repeating myself when I brought up Iris' storyline in The Flash. Lately, Thea hasn't felt like a very important character. She's kinda in story limbo with Malcolm. Yes, it was shocking that we found out Thea was in fact the person who killed the Canary to kick off the season but what else has she done?

In order for me to continue to care she has be treated like we should. Have her find out about what she did. That guilt over killing Laurel's sister and a girl Oliver loved can bring out some tremendous dramatic acting. Let's hope that happens sooner rather than later!

4. Ray Palmer's story is slow & steady

Some stories reallllllllly drag on this show. As far as Ray Palmer goes? I think it is being paced perfectly. We don't need to see him talking about crime fighting one episode then BAM he actually is fighting crime. Let's see him work his way up to it.

If CW does want to make this a spinoff series they need to make us continue to care about Ray Palmer first. I hope he doesn't wear the suit until perhaps the season finale or next season even!

3. Vinnie Jones is a GREAT big bad

Like the bullet point says. Vinnie Jones is doing a pretty damn good job as this season's big bad. You believe that he is not only someone who could be a leader of a huge gang but also someone that could knock you out in one punch. He's also showed the past two episodes that he is intelligent to match his badassery.

I can't wait to see Oliver return to the city to face off with Brick. He's the type of villain that can filter in and out of episodes. He doesn't need to be in the entirety of the rest of the season but used when we need him.

2. Lance still doesn't know about Sarah?

I've talked about it numerous times in my video and probably this article but I hate when Arrow strings stories too thin. The season 3 premiere Sarah was murdered. Episode 11 finishes and Laurel's father STILL DOESN'T KNOW?

I'm sorry but by the time he finds out it's going to be season 4 and no one is going to care anymore. Just look at it from the audience's point of view. She died back in September? It's about to be February and he still has no idea. I understand real time is different then the character's time in the show but c'mon. It's going to finally be revealed this spring and some audience members are going to be like "oh yeah...she died...". They better speed this story up and FAST.

1. Oliver is alive but not back yet

I understand he needs a couple episodes to recuperate but I really hope he isn't separated from Starling City too long. Is he going to be away from them all season until he kills Ra's al Ghul? Or will he return next episode?

All of Oliver's team from Felicity to Roy to Diggle are all saying "it's not the same without Oliver". As a show it really is not the same without Arrow in Starling. I can't wait to see Oliver vs. Brick or what Oliver is going to do to Malcolm after putting him through that whole ordeal with Thea.

What did you all think? Please comment below!

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