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Sony's Spider Man series has fallen. And it has fallen hard. whether you liked The Amazing Spiderman 2 or not (Personally I enjoyed it), There is no denying that the franchise is no longer as successful as it once was. TASM2 grossed less than any of the previous Spider Man movies. For comparison, the first TASM made 757.9 million total at the end of its run. TASM2 made $709 million. That is not to say TASM2 was worse than The Amazing Spider Man. In fact I personally felt it was superior. Unlike the first film in the rebooted franchise, TASM2 went for a more original story instead of remaking one of Raimis films like the first one did. However after The first TASM movie was released to little fanfare, TASM2 had a lot to prove. Unfortunately most fans and critics showed quite a bit of disdain for Peter Parker latest adventure. The film had pacing issues and like Spider Man 3 and Batman&Robin before it, The movie fell victim to the "to many villains syndrome". The Amazing Spider Man 2 made less than any of the previous Spider Man movies. It was also panned by fans and critics alike. So here we are, almost one year later fresh off the most recent Sony hack where the studios many plans for the future of their Spider Man franchise were revealed. And most of us have come to the conclusion that they have absolutely no idea where to go from here. What Spider Man needs is a shot of adrenaline. Something to jump start the series and put audiences in their seats. Sony needs to go for the big one. They need to go all out. Its time make a huge gamble. In this Comic fans humble opinion, Sony needs to kill Spider Man. There. I said it. I am of course talking about adapting the Ultimate Spider Man story line, "The Death Of Spider Man". Not only should Sony kill off Peter Parker/ Spider Man, but they should kill him off in the opening moments of the movie. Than flashback and tell the whole story from beginning to end. Imagine the pull a film titled The Death Of Spider Man would have! It would certainly peek every ones interest, thus fixing the Studios problems with the box office. It would also be a whole new direction. No movie studio has yet had the guts to kill off one of their main heroes. Sure Batman was replaced at the end of The Dark Knight Rises but he didn't die. This would be a monumental comic book movie event and would be forever ingrained in the minds of Hardcore fans and casual movie goers alike.

Miles Morales, The Ultimate Spider Man
Miles Morales, The Ultimate Spider Man

The movie could Simultaneously follow Peter Parker as he grows closer and closer to his final battle, and the the next webbed wonder Miles Morales. We could see Miles deal with the guilt of gaining his powers but not using them when Peter fought to the death with Norman Osborn. The film would help propel the franchise to new heights and put our favorite WebHead back on track. And with Miles Morales taking over as the new Spider Man, Andrew Garfield could be given a proper sendoff from the series. Here's hoping Sony makes the right move and casts Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) as Miles. With a new Spider Man, Sony could strike a deal to have Miles join Marvels Cinematic Universe. And as long as is Sony still making the films and Marvel having some creative control, We would have great Spider Man films for years to come. This is but one idea on how Sony could add some much needed kick to the Spider Man franchise. Sound off in the comments below with your own!


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