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So i had this idea for the first Episode of Season Nine for Full House if they would ever bring back the show.

Heres the Changes i made if they would make a Ninth Season.....

DJ is now graduated from her recent years at her Collage & also single being 38. She purses Music with the help from Uncle Jessie making CD’s and selling them.

Stephanie is now 33 years old also being single she works full time at a local book store.

She also has an apartment only one block from DJ’s apartment also being in San Francisco.

DJ has her own apartment in San Francisco which is actually only four streets down from where she used to live.

Michelle is now 28 the youngest out of the three sisters not knowing that she actually has a Twin Sister.

Jessie is now 51 & still living in the Attic with Rebbecca being 50 their two Twins Nicky & Alex have moved out & are living in the same apartment together both being the age of 24 also single working at a part time job at a Coffee Joint & they are only one block away from their old house.

Danny is now 58 years old still working as a News Reporter & still single.


The Plot For The First Episode Of Season Nine

On this Episode Danny wakes up to a phone call from the Hospital while lying in bed.

The Doctor tells Danny we have some shocking news for you reveling to Danny that he had two Twin Daughters.

One being Michelle and the other being Michelle’s Twin Sister. Danny’s shocked with this news and tells Uncle Jessie & Joey.

Jessie & Joey cannot believe the great & most shocking news.

Danny wants to tell DJ, Stephanie, Michelle but doesn't know how.

Later that day DJ comes to visit the house to see her Family while walking in the front door she sees her father Danny upset while lying on the family living room floor beside the TV along with Uncle Jessie & Joey they all three are watching TV & eating a bag of Chips.

DJ asked them is something wrong did someone die.

The look on their faces tells DJ something is wrong but what.

Finally Danny tells DJ remember how I once told you I would love to have two little Michelle’s well I have had two all this time but didn't know it.

DJ not really understanding what her father means by always having two Michelle’s.

Jessie says to her that for all this time you have had another sister Michelle’s Twin sister.

DJ shocked from hearing the news has to sit down on the step to think.

Joey then stands up saying after all this time I would have had to deal with two little Michelle’s & says to think putting one in bed wasn't easy but two.

Danny then looks at DJ & then smiles you have a sister you have never meant and I have a daughter that I have never meant.

DJ then asks her father Danny how we not know about this after all these years.

Danny tells DJ well the Doctor at the Hospital told me that somehow during Pam’s birth they got switched up and then says it really doesn't matter how it happened all that matters now is that we need to find her and bring her home to the family.

Just after Danny says that the phone rings again Uncle Jessie answers it and hears we found your daughter Jessie says no I’m just the Uncle not the father & then gives the phone to Danny.

Danny listens to what the Doctor has to say after hearing the news he says noting and hangs up the phone.

DJ says well what did they say Danny looks up at DJ & tells her well they found her for the last couple of years she has been living in a children’s home until she turned 18 then she left and went on her own.

Danny then says to DJ that that she is living here in San Francisco the Doctors are going to call her up & tell her the Good News then Uncle Jessie & Joey jump up with happiness.

DJ asks her father Danny well did they tell you her name. Danny answers back & says yes they did dear.

Well says DJ Danny than finally answers it’s the same name as your mother.

DJ then says my little sisters name is Pam.

Danny, Uncle Jessie, Joey & DJ are shocked that her name is Pam but how they are wondered somehow it just was her name.

The phone rings again they are four rush to the phone to see who is on it. Danny picks up it’s the Doctor.

The Doctor says I have wonderful news I have just talked to your daughter and I gave her your address she’s coming over to meet you.

Danny screams what she’s coming my baby daughter is coming to meet me. Danny hangs up the phone & then tells DJ call your sisters tell them to come over to the house.

Later that day Stephanie comes over as well as Michelle.

They are are sitting in the kitchen nervous as they don't know what to expect from Pam.

Finally the front door bell rings Danny rushes to the door to open it & sees what looks to be Michelle just a little taller.

Pam looks at Danny & then runs to him & hugs him.

Michelle being the most shocked runs to Pam hugging her saying your my sister.

Pam says the same to her and cries with joy to finally meet her Twin.

The rest of the family hugs Pam while telling her stories that had happened after all the years she has been gone.

The the episode closes hinting that their will is more to tell but has not all been given to you.


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