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Warning: May include spoilers for Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2

This article is to complain about the cons of the first game, what to expect in the next one, and to put in an input of what I and (hopefully other Warhammer fans) would like to see in the next game.

This video shows you some okay dialogue, but what I am pointing out is that Chaos Lord Nemeroth is a terminator chaos marine. That is the only terminator armor you see in all the game and multiplayer. His armor doesn't really look like chaos armor in a sense and let me explain: The Warp warps chaos armor, and chaos armor has daemons infused within it. The ornate skulls on his shoulders would be talking in tongues. The only thing that seamed to be warped were his arms that the skin had grown over his armor. I would also like to point out that the Bloodletters' skin was too smooth and they didn't seem that all that terrifying.

Now think back to how the space marines look. Veteran Sargent Sidonis had more ornate armor than Captain Titus. As a captain he would have more ornate armor, purity seals, some kind of weapon to show his rank of office, and maybe a cloak. (All depends on the captain), But all in all the armor should be at least more ornate than it was. Now let me tell you about weapons that weren't available in the game and multiplayer:

  • 1: Flammer. Would have been effective against orks. Could leave enemies with burn effect.
  • 2: Power Fist. Just because it is all out amazing. (Especially with a storm bolter equipped to it).
  • 3: Rocket Launcher. (Possibly mainly a multiplayer weapon, but could have been in one mission of the game).
  • 4: Lightning Claw(s). Would also be just as cool as a power fist.
  • 5: Storm Shield. Could been used to be an over shield and just an effective close combat weapon that is in-between the dagger and chainsword in damage dealing.

Side note: In all honesty no Chapter would send two Space Marines and one Captain to secure Titans, especially from an ork invasion force. They would send a company at least.

Now, what to expect in the next game (from a fans' perspective). What I as a fan want to see is more gore, not just strawberry juice flying from an enemy with every swing and finisher. Try to beat Gears of Wars' gritty gore, you have the tech to detail blood and especially gore. Add more of a darkness to the feel of the game (It's WARHAMMER 40k) it is a dark universe. Not everyone in a galaxy of many different human cultures and planets have British accents. Even Space Marines differ in dialects and accents. I want to see more warped chaos armor in multiplayer and campaign. I want to see a chapter helping the Ultramarines (other than another BIG game chapter like the Blood Ravens), like the Iron Hands, Salamanders, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, any chapter that exists. Also, I'd like to see terminator armor (maybe during multiplayer, after a kill streak you can choose to get terminator armor). Add the weapons you missed, also improve the armors for customization (maybe add some retro armor from the Horus Heresy).

Side note: IF you have any chance of Making a third one Change the main story, at least not about the Ultramarines or Blood Ravens. As a fan i feel smothered by these two chapters seeing them everywhere in the game Universes, and enough at Games-Workshop (and I say this because these two chapters are practically the poster "boys" in Games-Workshop). Try any of the other Chapters i suggested or any of the ones i didn't.

Great idea you already had classes in the first one, but I think I am not the only one who thinks that their should have been more added. Take these for example:

Chaplain by Pabel Billy at deviant art
Chaplain by Pabel Billy at deviant art


Writer's side note: If you plan on making a game after the second one Please (as many fans would agree), STOP with the smurfs (Ultramarines) and make a story with any other chapter. Hell, make a game that is all about the Chaos Marines and you go around killing Space Marines.

These would be great additions to the multiplayer. Not to mention the techmarine.

Note: Techmarine can only repair terminator armor, and Dreadnought armor. Carries great ax and works the same as a thunderhammer but with a 5% increase to speed. Has an ability to build turrets after achieving a set kill streak (could build turrets during wave missions in multiplayer).

Note: Champion would have less ammo if equipped with bolter, 25% less ammo with a plasma pistol, and full ammo with bolt pistol (sense the bolt pistol isn't that strong). He would be mainly equipped with a lightning blade (works like an energy blade and needs to be recharged by getting a kill), after losing its power it will be 20% stronger than a combat blade still making it harder to kill enemies. Also he would have a 10% increase to armor, and an over-shield that works like an ability after a kill streak you can activate it. Over-shield lasts 7 seconds and makes player invulnerable).

Note: Apothecary would have the ability to heal team mates and increase armor in (game wise) 10 foot radius of 5%. When a teammate dies Apothecary can extract Gene-seed for bonus XP.

Note: Librarian can have up to two minor "spells" equipped that can be used in the same manor grenades would (with the bumpers as the "use ability"). One "spell" is used after a certain amount of kills and the damage or the type of "spell" determines the amount of kills needed to use. Librarian is equipped with a lightening sword that is weaker than the Champion's, or can be switched with a chainsword. and can use a bolter but at a penalty to a 15% accuracy decrease. (can use any primary weapon)

Note: Chaplain's only have one close combat weapon called the crozius arcanum which is the symbol of their position in office. It is the same in the damage scale as a champions' sword.

Theory 1:

Now what you all have been waiting for; what to expect in the second one. Now this is all a hypothetical guess of mine, but it is a dark universe. So here is what I think to expect in the next game. Captain Titus "dies" some where in the middle of the game, he is found "dying" and taken back by the inquisition and is inserted into a sarcophagus and bound into the brotherhood of the sleeping titans, the Dreadnoughts. I believe there were also be some kind of struggle with the Ordo Malleus as one of the key plots as well as something to do that hints at Grey Knights along with a greater plan from the side of the warp. I surmise that the plot will also have a lot of twists, maybe have something to do with a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. Also keep in mind that their may be a chapter "mission" on a space hulk. Expect more fighting non-stop, and also waves of cultists and a conflict between Leandros and Captain Titus, because Leandros' absolute faith in the Codex Astartes.

Theory 2:

Titus is questioned by Inquisitor Thrax, and is found to be able to not only resist the warp but can manipulate it like a librarian. They pull him into the ranks of the Inquisition and make him the Hammer of the Emperor, the bane of his enemies, a Grey Knight! He ends up getting mortally wounded and they (as I said in theory one), becomes a Dreadnought. Lord Nemeroth comes back and fights the dreadnought Titus and Titus dies in the end. I also expect a lot of similarities between theory one and two, but i believe more in the Grey Knight part. I also see more of the Black Templars having a role in this as well, a long with some plot to the Ultra Marines. I believe their will be a massive game being played by the Lord of Change, and a massive battle.

This is my theory, and opinion of what is to come with the next game, as well as opinions on what to expect and what fans would like to see in the next game, along with multiplayer. What do you think? Do you believe that there will be a mix of both theories, or do you agree with one theory more than the other? Let me know what you think or would like to see in the next game.



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