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Christopher Christensen

Hello friends and not so friendlys, lol my name is stated obviously on the top and bottom of this page and I am putting together a "book" of intertwining short stories. Now my puncuations I'm thinking arnt well and neither is my spelling lol and seeing as how Movie Pilot has a lot of "Avid Spellers" who like to express it so much on hear lol I thought i'd get a pretty good proofreader, and well plus I just all around want a proofreader lol so I could give a brief synopsis of the story for you all and then I'll wait for your responses in the comments.

" On a late windy night a small town baptist preacher is alone, over come by his inner demons and the stress of his addiction he trys to find solitude in confession but is then faced with something worse then the inner demons he fights."


Now I know what some of you might be thinking but No it is not a possession story. Lol just throwing it out there.

Email me if you are interested

[email protected]


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