ByRebecca Nicole Guerrero, writer at
Rebecca Nicole Guerrero

Before I finally got around to watching the Imitation Game starring the always talented Benedict Cumberbatch, I was admittedly certain that this years Oscar for best actor would go to Eddie Redmayne for his stunning performance as Stephen Hawking in the The Theory of Everything. Now I'm not so sure.

In a story that is filled with so many twists and turns its hard to remember that it is based on a true story, Cumberbatch takes his acting to never before seen heights as the brilliant but socially awkward and emotionally tortured Alan Turing. Cumberbatch, though widely known for his BBC character Sherlock Holmes and quickly becoming a recognizable A list mega-star, is still able to so completely embody Turing that you forget about everything else from the first haunting scene. Playing off the emotions of a stellar cast that includes Kiera Knightley as Turing's brilliant and equally ostracized mathematics partner, a story about love, alienation, and impossible choices is expertly told.

As a testament to how well this film is made, what you are left with at the end is the overwhelming disbelief that you have never heard of Alan Turing before considering what he achieved and endured. Poignant and incredibly relevant to today's society, The Imitation Game is definitely one you'll want to see before this year's Academy Awards.


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