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  • The fans who love the powder puff girls beware and hold your childhood

OK let's began we all know the story how it started of the power puff girls they we're created in a "lab" but the truth is that the 'professor' wife has run away so he have to made up the story to the girls to make them feel special( wow)

The professor was not a scientist he was a pharmacist who was making pain killers in the basement ( lab) which the girls are not allowed to go there

Mojo jojo the evil master mind ( or maybe not) it nothing more than power puff girls older brother who not allowed to see or lived with the girls because he has ''Interested'' to the girls.

Wow mojo an more scared of you then ever
Wow mojo an more scared of you then ever

Fuzzy Lumpkin is just an old creepy neighbor who sometimes scared the girls for fun but not harm them

Oh creepy fuzzy
Oh creepy fuzzy

'Him' was the homosexual 'professor' brother. The ' professor told lies and made the girls believe that their uncle is evil even though he never touch a finger on the girls

The Gang Green Gang was a group of teens that play along with the girls game and let the girls win the ' fight'

The mayor is the girls grandfather who played their games to save the town!

That the truth people and I hope your child hood wasn't broken


Which one shocked you the most


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