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Life is Strange is the first episodic title (to my knowledge) from Dontnod. The game's first season, presuming there's more after the finale, consists of five episodes with Chrysalis being the first. The game goes like this: After witnessing the death of a student, Max Caulfield discovers she has the ability to reverse time and thus, saves the student, Chloe Price. A lot of this pilot episode is used to set up the remaining four episodes so not a ton happens. Lots of character development occurs in which we get to see into the lives of certain characters, while our protagonist remains a mystery in regards to her background and origins.

The graphics are tough to judge as I'm instantly forced to compare this game to Telltale's recent "Tales From the Borderlands" and "Game of Thrones" titles, to which the difference is obvious. That being said, the graphics and tone of the game take on a more mature and realistic look compared to Telltale's more cartoony visuals, allowing for "Life" to stick out among the crowd. The lip-sync is the primary issue, as it was in the first seasons of "The Walking Dead" and "The Wolf Among Us," so there is a good chance we'll see this fixed, or at least improved, by Episode Five, or at least one would hope.

The gameplay is easily the most unique aspect as it deals with time travel. During both dialogue and some small action sequences, Max has the ability to reverse time and alter a situation or dialogue choice, allowing for a new take on the idea of a choice-based game. Players can see the short-term responses to their choices and make their decisions based on those outcomes. It's quite inventive.

Overall, I enjoyed my short time with Life Is Strange's first episode, which runs roughly 2 hours depending on your speed. The story left me wanting more, the graphics were fine but could use some polish, and the gameplay is inventive and enjoyable. This is definitely worth the five bucks on PSN or Xbox Live. I personally played it on PS4 and experienced no noticeable glitches. For a more detailed review with some gameplay attached, see the video above.


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