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This article will be short and sweet because the video below speaks a million words on it's own.

Every now and then a trailer comes along that makes you giddy. And by giddy I mean when it's done playing you play it again...and again...then show your friends, then share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. The film in question is Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead and holy Toledos, Batman, we should all be really damn giddy right now!

With the monumental success of AMC's The Walking Dead, the zombie genre is showing absolutely no signs of dying out (no pun intended) anytime soon. But the big difference between The Walking Dead and something like Wyrmwood is the added element of great humor. Let's face it, fighting zombies while wearing old hockey masks and pads is already hilarious. And enjoying a large bottle of beer while fending off a rotting hoard is even funnier (and just cool). I certainly have nothing against The Walking Dead (I've seen every episode if anyone wants to question my fan-hood) but the one small gripe I've always had with it is the fact that it's completely humorless.

"With great zombie violence comes a great opportunity for great humor." -Confucius

The film is directed by Kiah Roache-Turner and officially marks his first feature film following two shorts, "War Games" and "Roadrunner." As far as debut features go, I think it's safe to say that this director has just hit a home run. The film is currently showing in select theaters in Australia and, according to IMDb, is set for release on February 13th in the United States. Looking for a different way to impress your lovely Valentine this year? Watch Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead together. If your date enjoys it, they're probably a keeper. If not, well at least you enjoyed the comedic and visceral bloodbath yourself. Keep a lookout for this flick, you won't regret it.


Are you excited for this Australian take on the zombie genre?


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