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Many of you are bothered by the same question everyday: Will there ever be a DC and Marvel crossover?.Well, I guess it's time to find out if there is a chance for it to happen.

These two publishers have created amazing comics and inspiring characters for decades, so naturally at some point there had to be some rivalry between them. The fans of each company started to hate eachother for no good reason and also criticized(not so friendly, may I mention) one another. How can we end this 'war' between the two spectacular yet different worlds? The answer is simple: a crossover.

By bringing together the two fandoms we will stop all the hatred between its characters, stories,fans and who knows maybe we will have some cute couples to ship and incredible frienships to watch, too. Of course there will have to be a battle and here I have some good ideas that you might like :

1. Arrow vs Hawkeye

Who wouldn't want to see these two incredibly skilled archers in a battle? It would be quite intense, with lots of nearly death shots! Don't get me wrong, but I would like to see who would die in such a combat, that will make you stand on the edge of the seat.

Even Stephen Amell and Jeremy Renner (the actors who play them) wanted to appear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but unfortunately they didn't take the idea to the end.


Who do YOU think would win?

2. Superman vs Thor

Two sexy aliens are fighting. Who would win: the man with super-strength, x-ray laser vision, rocketed to Earth from Krypton or the god from Asgard with his mighty hammer?This would sure be one hell of a battle, with death punches and unexpected comebacks.


Who is sexier? Jk. Who would win?

Let's not forget about the fact that Marvel and DC did not officially reject this idea, but they didn't express it either.

All we can do about it is hope and ,naturally, spam the internet with our requests for this amazing crossover to happen.

Inside all of us there is hope - unknown

I hope you liked my article and adress me in the comments section if you want. :)


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