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It only makes sense to make my first "Big Kahuna Questions" on Pulp Fiction - one of the 6 references to Big Kahuna Burger in the Tarantino-verse. One of the most debated topics surrounding a film has to be the contents of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. I've done some digging and here's some of the different theories:

  • To kick things off, something simple and logical - Drugs.
  • Gold - ready for Marcellus to launder his dirty money?
  • The Holy Grail - A sign of divine grace that could explain why Vince and Jules survived those gunshots in the apartment.
  • An Oscar - bought for Mia by Marcellus?
  • Diamonds - from the heist-gone-wrong in Reservoir Dogs? Tarantino links the two films with the "Vega Brothers". Victor Vega AKA Mr. Blonde and Vincent Vega from Pulp might not be the only bridge connecting the two films?
  • Marcellus Wallace's Soul - It is said in the bible that souls are removed from the back of the neck. Maybe this is why Marcellus wears a plaster on his neck throughout the film and why everyone is so fixated on that case. Just to add to the evidence - the case's combination is "666" which we all know is the number of the beast (thanks Iron Maiden). The closer you look, the more plausible it seems.
  • Two batteries and a light bulb - the literal on-set contents of the case - Tarantino has said he chose the yellow lighting to convey "something valuable" rather than anything specific.
  • Whatever you want it to be - Tarantino himself has been quoted to say that there was nothing specific in the case and it is whatever the viewer wants it to be. It seems that he cares more about the fact that the characters are all fixated on the contents more than what the contents is.
Decisions, decisions....
Decisions, decisions....

So, that is what could be in the infamous briefcase. What do you think it is? Don't forget to vote below and join the debate!


What's in the case?


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