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5. Roger Rabbit was Almost the Cryptkeeper

Many fans known the voice behind the infamous, skeleton host is John Kassir. Yet, one of the actors trying out for the role was none other than Charles Fleischer, aka the voice of Roger Rabbit. He was also one of the top contenders for the part.

4. Those Eyes Look Familiar...

If you've seen Child's Play, or recall it from your traumatized childhoods then you may have noticed a resemblance between Chucky and the Crypt Keeper's eyes. That's because they're the same! The designer of the Cryptkeeper Kevin Yagher was also the designer of the homicidal doll, and decided to use the same pupils for the Cryptkeeper.

3. Only One Episode Wasn't Based on the Comics

Having a total of 93 episodes, Tales from the Crypt derived their stories from EC's horror line: "Tales from the Crypt", "The Haunt of Fear", "The Vault of Horror", and "Shock SuspenStories". Yet, the last episode "The Third Pig" wasn't based on either. It was also the only animated episode.

2. A Trilogy Bites the Dust Again...and Again.

Tales in the Crypt was originally conceived as a trilogy, but there was concern that it wouldn't perform well at the box office. But, close to the end of the series two movies were theatrically released "Demon Knight" and "Bordello of Blood". A third movie "Ritual" came out on home video in 2001, but Bordello did so badly that not only was the trilogy abandoned, but "Ritual" was dissociated of anything Tales from the Crypt until its US release in 2006 when the Cryptkeeper segments were put back in.

1. The Cryptkeeper in the Flesh! Sort of...

In "Oils Well That Ends Well" there's a surprising cameo that's close to hom--okay, it's John Kassir!! This the only episode where he makes a live appearance, and he even gives the Cryptkeeper's signature cackle. The host himself even pokes fun at the allusion. "Hmm...yes...the others are good, but this one! We're talking a real bleeding man. He's a regular Gory Cooper. A Robert Deadford! And that voice! I could swear it reminds me of someone I know."


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