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Marko Škrbić

Hi guys, I know there are a lot of people that are fans of series Flash, I know that because I'm one of them .Show is great, great casting, great actors, great costumes, great effects, everything is great.Grant Gustin is good Flash, I wouldn't say he is perfect for the role but he is also great Flash.

I won't be writing too much about this show because I will show you in one video why you should watch it.This video is made by Sam Rogers Youtube Channel, he has a lot of superhero stuff on his channel so you can check him out.When I looked at this video i wanted to watch Flash again.

This video perfectly combines music and video. Linkin Park music goes awesome with video content. Video chosen for this video is awesome. All action scenes are in there, everything needed. I have seen that this guy doesn't get as much attention as he should have and i hoped I could help him with that. If you want to check out more of his videos go to his channel, and if you are in sports stuff you could also visit my channel(free marketing) :


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