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With news about the Supergirl pilot finally coming to light, we now know the identity of the first villain the Maid of Might will be facing off against in her first adventure, and we also get confirmation that a certain primary-colored cousin is also bouncing around this universe somewhere and has faced this same villain before. In fact, according to a synopsis of the pilot, this particular villain seeks Supergirl out because of her connection to the big blue boy scout, so see exactly how powerful she is. So who is this mystery villain? Someone you've probably never heard of before. He first appeared in Wonder Woman #268 and has never been seen or heard from again. His name? The Lumberjack. Yes, the Lumberjack. Here is the synopsis of the Supergirl pilot, originally posted by TV Line:

Kara Danvers née Zor-El will have her work cut out for her from the get-go, seeing as her adversary in the series pilot will be the DC Comics baddie Lumberjack. To that end, the CBS freshman is seeking a hulk akin to “Rory McCann, the 6-foot-6 actor from Game of Thrones” [to] play this “big, burly monster of a man, who has battled Kara’s cousin” — that’d be you-know-who — “in the past” and shows up to ascertain her level of power, on behalf of an unseen superior.

It's fine that Supergirl will be facing off against a fairly vague villain in her pilot. If you remember, Arrow first faced off against an original character, one who wasn't even a costumed supervillain, and then we got China White and Deadshot almost immediately after. Arrow wasted no time in pitting its main character against some of his, and Batman's for that matter, major and minor villains and I expect Supergirl will be the same. The most interesting thing in the synopsis, though, is the aforementioned "cousin" spoken about in the brief synopsis. This is actually a relatively big revelation. Sure, it makes sense that Superman would exist in a world where there is also a Supergirl, but until now there has been no confirmation of this.

Do I expect Superman to make any sort of appearance? No. I do not. The reason I don't expect to see the Man of Steel on television is because Warner Bros can be dicks when it comes to that sort of thing. Superman is one of the cornerstones of their new cinematic universe, and you would expect that he be off limits to television. I hope this turns out not to be the case, but with Warner Bros. track record, it is fairly safe to say that Superman will be alluded to, and mentioned, to the point where it will get annoying, but never seen. Sort of like what the television series Birds of Prey did with Batman. Of course, I am pretty sure that there was not yet a Batman moratorium in place due to the Dark Knight movies, so that was probably the failure of the show's producers and possibly not Warner Bros. being dicks. But who knows?

If I somehow end up being proven wrong, and Warner Bros. manages to not be dicks this time, it would mean getting a brand new Superman for the television universe. It will not be Henry Cavill, as it is pretty well established, especially with the casting of Ezra Miller as the cinematic Flash, that the movie and television universes are completely separate. I wouldn't expect to see Superman any time during the first season, if it ends up happening at all, as I'm sure the first season will be focused on Kara and setting up her story and her villains. But who knows? If Warner Bros. allows Superman to be used on television at all, that means that the world has gone topsy turvy and all of our lives' meanings have just had a profound shift in direction. So, in that case, I suppose all of the rules go out the window and anything from then on would be absolutely possible.


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