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Emma Emmanouela

We have heard a lot about our ages.A period that can not inspire ideals.Despite that, and out of the blue ,we meet some people that give us hope.People who shine into the darkness.

Ewan Drum is such a person.Or SuperEwan as he is more well known to the public.Ewan comes from Michigan ,America.He has started a campaign in order to sensitize the people of his community to help the homeless of Detroit.Ewan dresses up like Superman and -with the aid of his parents and grandmother-gives food and other needed supplies to the homeless people of Detroit.But i won't say more.I would leave Ewan tell the rest himself.I contacted him via facebook and here is what he said to us:

1.How did you come up with the idea of helping others?

I saw homeless people in Detroit and had the idea to help them. I asked my parents if we could take them lunches and they said "yes

2.We live in a bit cruel world,despite that ,what inspires you to be a real life hero?

My inspiration is all the smiles from the homeless people.

3.Who is -or are -your hero/es superpowered or not?

My parents, the people who give us donations and the other charities who help the homeless. Captain America, Superman & Spider-man are my favorite superheroes.

4.If you could send us a message, here in Greece, who we also as a country suffer from poverty(espesially during the last years), what would that be?

I want to tell the people who aren't homeless to please help the homeless people. Then maybe the homeless will be inspired to help others when they have homes.

Some people are much more than reach the eye.Τhe soul greatness can transform a little boy into a spiritual giant ,making him a true ,real-life hero.The will and selfless love can achieve miracles.Ewan is the obvious example of how if we want ,no matter what, to help,we can do it.

What if some people constently tell us that in life we have predetermined roles?What if someone aspires to become something more than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater? If ,like Ewan ,we have courage ,faith ,hope and devotion, we can do it.And to anyone who is trying to ground us and make us believe we can't ,remind them why WE CAN:because we have the element of CHOICE ,we can choose to do the right thing!!!

Emmanouela Aamer Moulatsioti


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