ByLauren Pennington, writer at

For a couple of weeks or so when ever you got on to the my chemical romance webpage a message has been flashing across the screen. The message being a quote from the Danger Days album. Never another album just Danger Days. And somebody proved that it was Gerard himself uploading these messages.

And its been stirring up the fandom. Since the break up in early 2013 fans have follow the ex band members on in their solo careers. Mikey Way being in a new band and getting help on a addiction, congratulations to mikey! Ray Toro working on his on material and releasing a track recently. Gerard Way on tour with a pink furry thing named Lola and performing his new album Hesitant Alien. And Frank Iero touring with his new band Frnk Iero and the Cellabration and playing with fake blood.

But could it be that the boys are planning something. Several theories have been circulating. We all know if a reunion was being formed the whole fandom would jump in. But there is also conspiracies on them creating something new. Whether or not its actually true is unknown to us.

Ex drummer of MCR and good friends with the ex band members Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Frank. Has recently posted this on his twitter account during a public conversation with another person. And deleting it right after. Could it be that a reunion is actually in plan or are we being joked with?


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