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For years people who go into the high rocks of Nevada and went missing after they reached the top. Many people have said that they have seen the secrets of what happens to those people, and those people went missing right after the secrets were given away. The movie Hills Have Eyes is based on these events and many people don't believe it until it happens to them. Yes, people have been eaten and killed by cannibals in the desert of Nevada and New Mexico.

Not many people have been caught doing this but that's because they the same things that happen on the movie. Yes, those are real killing motives, the movie is based on what happen to those people. I have been in Nevada and sometimes you hear strange noises but nothing happened to me cause I booked it the hell out of there. Want to see if its true, go to the high rocks of Nevada and see what happens to you. No, don't it's too dangerous to see if you get eaten or not. But watch the movies and you can see what I really mean.

The movie is basically about some soldiers going around the hills of Nevada ( Aka: High Rocks of Nevada) to investigate the case of those missing people. As they take a long time finding out what the hell happened to them a group of incest loving cannibals kill them off one by one. As they fight for their lives they discover that the woman that have been captured were raped and used to carry the child that was made from the sick cannibals and then killed off. While the men were used as a Thanksgiving feast right after they were butchered.

The second movie is about a group of idiotic people who take a trip and as they cross the Hills of Nevada they discover that they ran straight into hell. As they were all family they got killed in some horrible ways. But only 2 lived both the brother and sister. As they fight to survive they kill them all and left happy.


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