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A few days ago, the media has reported that the long time blink-182 member, Tom DeLonge, has quit the band. Many fans still don't even know what is happening right now, whether he is still going to be in the band or not. Lots of the fans blame him for focusing to much on Angels & Airwaves and not focusing on blink. In a letter that Tom posted, he said he is so busy with other projects. Tom, known mostly as a musician, has also worked on many other projects, especially movies. Here is some of the movie projects that he has worked on in his career.


Poster for Love
Poster for Love

Love, is a full length independent film that was produced and scored by Tom DeLonges band, Angels & Airwaves. The title also is the same as there album: Love which comes in two parts. It was played in many festivals and movie theaters across the US. The movie portrays the human effects of isolation and loneliness with an astronaut called Captain Lee Miller. While he is up in space, the human race begins to die. The movie tries to show the importance of human connection and love. Because of the low budget, they made this movie in the backyard of the directors (William Eubank) backyard.

William Eubanks Backyard
William Eubanks Backyard

After the movie, Tom DeLonge wrote a children's book entitled The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve, which has the same idea of Love. The movie Love is now currently on for sale, and also for on demand at Amazon and Netflix. I recommend to go watch it if you are into space movies, however, you must follow along or you will not understand the story at all.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker

Around the years before blink's first break up, Tom had the idea of a character called Poet Anderson. Now, his character is being brought to life, and is shown in Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. The short film was released with Angels & Airwaves latest album The Dream Walker. The movie was Written & Directed by Tom DeLonge and the music was (of course) written by Angels & Airwaves. Even though it is only a stunning 15 minutes, it brings a great amount of Sci-Fi, action, and adventure. The short also won the Best Animated Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival. The short is also the beginning of something new for Tom has to offer. The short shows the idea of the character and story of what else is coming. Plans for comic book series and a novel are already taking place, while ideas for a full length film are still being placed. The movie is currently on iTunes, and if you haven't seen this, go look it up, because it is a must see!

Strange Times

According to Tom, aliens exist, also with other supernatural beliefs. Because of his high beliefs in all of this, he made a website entitled Strange Times. However, the website is currently working on Top Secret stuff and is shut down. A post that happened a few months ago on Toms Instagram shows that he is working on something with Strange Times, which is said to be a possible film.

On this post, Tom said:

This is above the secret Nevada test site. Hundreds of square miles of many secret bases. Some CIA, some Air Force and some unknown. We had to drive eight hours out of civilization and then another 25 miles on a dirt road to find this hill that overlooks the area. It lit up at night with night vision goggles. About 30 bases glowing in the distance. Not to be seen without the proper equipment. It was cold, really cold. The wind blew about 40 or 50 miles an hour. If our car did not start the next morning, we might not be here to talk about it. What an incredible adventure. For those who think I'm only working on Poet.... You better get ready for Strange Times.

We fans are very excited to see what Tom has to offer with this, as I am also interested in supernatural stuff like Tom is, and I hope there will be very exciting stuff to show.

Tom, once used to be making very immature teenage jokes (and well...still is) while making pop-punk music in a band that started in his garage, has now brought us many new creations of his to the world. He has very big ideas and the fans are very happy to see what he has done. We hope to see more from you Tom, and we will always be excited for what you have to do.


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