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The CW and Warner Bros. have been really good about paying homage to those who came before when it comes to their DC Comics properties. Dean Cain, Christopher Reeve, Margot, Kidder, Marc McClure, Helen Slater, Teri Hatcher and Terrance Stamp all had appearances on Smallville. Phyllis Coates had an appearance on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Jack Larson had appearances on Lois and Clark, Noel Neill appeared with Kirk Alyn in Superman: The Movie and she and Jack Larson appeared together on Superboy and Superman Returns. Bringing in classic actors for new iterations is something of a tradition with Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and The Flash has kinda amped that up a bit by casting classic actors to actually reprise their characters from the original series, like Mark Hamill as The Trickster, Amanda Pays as Tina McGee and John Wesley Shipp (not playing Barry Allen this time, but playing his father). So it got me thinking of what actors I would like to see reprise their original characters in the DC Television Universe. So here we go!

John Wesley Shipp as The Flash

When JWS was originally cast for The Flash many fans were hoping he would be playing Jay Garrick, to honor his time as the Flash character. That didn't happen, he was cast as Barry Allen's father, Henry Allen, but that's ok. However, The Flash is going to involve time travel in quite a major role in the new series, so why not bring in a future Barry Allen, and why not have Shipp play him? I mean, this is kind of far fetched, granted, but who's to say Barry won't begin to look more like his father when he gets older? And they could even mention that in dialogue by having Barry recognize him as his daddy and Future Barry have to explain what's going on. Also gives a good opportunity for some exposition in the episode.

Alex Desert as Julio Mendez

What fan of the original Flash television series doesn't love Julio? And who doesn't remember this fine actor, who was pretty much everywhere in the 1990s, having regular or recurring roles not just on The Flash, but also on Boy Meets World and Becker. Alex is a great actor and Julio was a great character, and with The Flash bringing back so many regulars to reprise their roles, it would seem almost a crime not to have Julio on for an episode. And actually, because of that, I think this will be the most likely on the list to actually happen. Mark my words, we will be seeing Julio at some point, unless Alex Desert declines to do it. I think that would be the only thing to stand in the way of this one happening.

Gerard Christopher as Superman

Ok, he never actually played Superman, but he did play Superboy for four seasons and was almost cast as the Man of Steel for Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, but ultimately he wasn't cast because the producers didn't want to use a Superman whose run in another series had just ended the year before because they didn't want accidental continuity connections to be made between the otherwise unrelated shows. Christopher was understanding, but really disappointed because he was interested in the chance of being able to do his own thing with the character and not have to stay true to the decisions Christopher Reeve had made and which his show required him to emulate to a certain degree. He still looks the part, even though he is a little old these days (it really doesn't show) and I think this could be his opportunity to show us what he could have done with Superman if given free reign. Obviously, he'd probably be in the Supergirl television series, if at all. This is probably the least likely to happen, next to maybe JWS playing a future Barry Allen, mostly just because I doubt Warner Bros will allow Superman to make any appearances on television. However, if they do, this is the guy they should use.

Michael McKean as Perry White

I loved what he did with the character on Smallville and I really kinda wish they would have used him more. Well, now is the chance! He would fit the best on Supergirl, because of its obvious connections to the Superman mythos, but Iris West is a reporter, so she could have a run-in with the editor of the Daily Planet. I don't care which show he's on, but bring him back. And, if not as Perry White, maybe he could appear in Supergirl as Jonathan Kent with his real life wife Annette O'Toole, who already played Martha Kent in Smallville.

Justin Hartley as Arrow

First of all, I have to say that Stephen Amell blows Hartley out of the water as far as Green Arrows goes. However, if they are going to do some sort of Crisis event, which they do seem to be dropping hints and possibly sewing the seeds of, then I would love to see Hartley and Amell work together during the Crisis. They are completely different characters, and like Batman, Amell's Arrow seems to take himself WAY too seriously, so it would be really fun and really interesting for him to meet up with a version of himself who doesn't take himself so seriously. Especially if Amell's character never starts being the Green Arrow and stays just the Arrow, and see how much trash he talks to Hartley's Green Arrow. The characters are just so night and day in a lot of ways, I'd love to see them interact. It would also be interesting to see how he interacts with Flash, because you know Flash is going to get along with the Hartley Arrow famously, and then of course he wouldn't hesitate to tell Amell's Ollie how much more fun this new guy is. If they are going to do a Crisis, this is, at least for me, a must-get.

What actors or characters from previous DC Comics television or film properties would you most like to see brought back? Let me know in the comments!


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