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We all know Sonic the Hedgehog for being one of the greatest heroes in the history of video games, but we also know Superman for being one of the greatest (and possibly the first) comic book superheroes of all time. However, I think there should be an epic battle between Sonic and Superman! I'll explain it all to you in this article.

Well, Sonic the Hedgehog is a really fun-looking, rather toyetic video game franchise, and Sonic might be a bit criticized by some for being a really campy boy scout, like what Emer Prevost said about Superman. Indeed, many video games featuring Sonic were selling like hotcakes since the first video game in the late 80s or early 90s. Even Sonic had appeared in various crossover games such as the Super Smash Bros. games, Sonic vs. the Black Knight, and even Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (note, there was a web-comic centering around "Sonichu", a mash-up of Sonic and Pikachu, that was created by the infamous internet geek Christian Weston Chandler!). However, what if Sonic went to travel to the DC Comics universe and fight against Superman in an epic battle?

Superman was widely considered to be the first comic book superhero, having appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938. However, a rather "strong", no-superpowers precursor to Superman would be Slam Bradley, who appeared in the very first issue of Detective Comics back in 1937, where the character was fighting some Chinese stock criminals using very powerful fighting attacks like swinging them like baseball bats and hitting other criminals. In almost every single media from the 50s to much of the late 80s-early 90s, whether it be in comics, TV shows, and movies, Superman was portrayed as a really campy superhero (even in the 1975 musical It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman!). However, it wasn't until 2013's Man of Steel that there was an edgier, more realistic film portrayal of Superman. Next year, Superman will pit himself against Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, just in time to release a movie containing a very epic superhero battle.

There could be 3 possible ways that Sonic would officially fight Superman:

#1: In a crossover video game

This is the kind of Superman I had in mind!
This is the kind of Superman I had in mind!

Well, to put it this way; if Nintendo or SEGA decided to negotiate with DC and WB Games about making a video game crossing over Sonic the Hedgehog with Superman, there has to be licensing agreements. Also, to stick with the times, WB Games might want to use the Man of Steel version of Superman to appeal to nerds or consumers who would want to buy this type of video game. I think the plot for this game would be kinda simple: Sonic and his friends travel through a portal that lands them in Metropolis, where Sonic meets Superman, battles him, and tries to stop Lex Luthor from taking over the world. Sonic would also get some Kryptonian-like superpowers, too! Cool idea, isn't it?


Which villain would you like to see in a Sonic/Superman crossover video game?

#2: In an animated TV special

If there would be an animated crossover special, the plot would almost be like the video game idea, except that the Superman featured would probably be the depiction of the character shown in 2006's Superman Returns, depending on which Superman should be used. Another difference would be that it would have a multiple cast of villains.

#3: In a comic book

The Sonic the Hedgehog comic books are currently being published by Archie Comics (I'm not kidding! Want proof? I saw Archie-printed Sonic comics from Barnes & Noble!) The plot would go like this: Sonic and his friends travel through a portal to the events of the 2013 Man of Steel movie, and they try and stop General Zod from destroying human civilization. Like as I said for the video game idea, Sonic would also get Kryptonian-like superpowers. I think a comic book, if it was published in a series of 5 or 10 issues, should be able to sell well!

What do you think about all these idea?


Where would you like to see Sonic fighting Superman?


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