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watch movies, eat burritos: repeat. (Nic Cage 2016)
Jodi Wofford

It's a foggy, late January night. As I approach Boardner's, a vintage art deco bar and club in the heart of Hollywood, I have little idea of what is to come. Soon I am met by Marco, one of MoviePilot's very own: and the havoc begins.

In honor of the DVD release of Ouija, Boardner's is decorated in a way that is both classy and terrifying (imagine Ryan Murphy set-dressing a seance-inspired episode of American Horror Story). Before we have time to explore the environment, Marco and I are organized into our Ouija scavenger hunt teams (Team Green AKA Nicolas Uncaged) and prepare to dominate the competition.

The beautifully setting sun perfectly juxtaposed the chaos of our team scrambling to find afterlife-themed answers hidden among Hollywood landmarks/hot-spots such as Grauman's Chinese Theater, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and the Roosevelt Hotel. Though some of the clues were extremely tricky and convoluted, Nicolas Uncaged was able to prevail as the winning team. BOO-YAH! (That was a ghost pun).

As if attending this event wasn't a prize in itself (cheese-ball moment), our team was awarded the honor of having an intimate interview session with Jason Blum, producer of the eerie Ouija film and founder of the powerhouse production company, Blumhouse Productions. Jason was super easy going and gave us the scoop on everything from his upcoming projects (A third Purge film is coming our way!) to his love of the Duplass brothers. Plus, he didn't judge my pigging out on the buffet of delicious (free) food.

Then, if all this wasn't enough, we ended up walking away with deliciously spooky grab bags full of Ouija merchandise, including the board itself. While we were grateful for the night and all we had received, we had to ditch the board before our drive home....bad spirits are not to be tampered with.

Make sure to get your copy of Ouija in stores today!


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