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Just like almost everything else I've ever written on here, I was reading someone else's article when a thought crossed my mind. It was Shane Allen Kell who had written an article about how a Batman Beyond movie could be instituted into the DC Universe. And he had some great ideas. But I began thinking about it, with DCWB's current universe, could Batman Beyond actually fit in here?

The facts, theories and rumors

Batman v. Superman is going to feature a grizzled, old Batman, 17 years into his vigilante career. This is being done for a number of reasons, but I think the most important is that people are getting bored with origins stories. Especially for heroes we already know a lot about (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.)

Wonder Woman's solo film will take place in the 1920s. Her sequel will be right after WWII. Meaning these two movies, if they actually happen this way, will be long before the events of Batman v. Superman.

The Flash is being played by Ezra Miller who is openly homosexual, which isn't a bad thing. At all. The question here is which Flash is he playing? Most are hoping he won't touch Barry Allen because of the wondrous job that Grant Gustin is doing, but it's hard to tell.

Jason Momoa will be playing [Aquaman](movie:264237). And has reportedly stated that Aquaman probably won't be white or blond, namely because he's not. And since Momoa is a bonafide badass, it makes me hopeful we'll see an Aquaman all fans will be able to respect and no longer make fun of.

Dwayne Johnson will be playing Black Adam in [Shazam](movie:738107). As of late, he hasn't played many villains, but he still has the chops to do so.

The Green Lantern movie is going to be another reboot, and if DC wants to be nice to us, they won't make it an origin story. We all, for the most part, know the origins of the Green Lantern. And any of the Green Lanterns, actually. Even if we don't, the general public has a wonderful ability of accepting things for the way a movie or book lays them out to be. Some people call this a "willing suspension of disbelief." I just call this imagination.

Cyborg is a superhero the general public doesn't really know about. Sure, we have him from Teen Titans, but the current incarnation is god awful. The previous one did reveal a lot about the character, but not enough.

And then you've got [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) which has so much buzz around it you'd think the internet might explode from excitement.

What does all this mean for Batman Beyond?

DC is clearly shaking things up. They're looking to change things around and aren't afraid to jump around in timelines. About two months ago, I wrote an article about how Commissioner Gordon's death would affect Batman v. Superman (I'll add to this later). And I thought that like other series, DC was going to move through time in order. Now, I'm beginning to think otherwise.

Wonder Woman's movies are going to start back in the 1920's. But before that, we'll see her in Batman v. Superman. Which means she's been around for a while. And so has Batman. But, we don't know who they were before this movie. Which is why [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)'s solo films will take place in the past. I'd put money on Batman's sequel being a prequel as well. Meaning DC is going to jump around through time.

And once Ben Affleck decides he's done being Batman, because he's too old for or too tired of the role, they could bring around Terry McGinnis.

So, instead of ending the cinematic universe when the actors all get too old to portray their superhero counterparts anymore, DC could have younger versions of all of their heroes. And I don't just mean characters like Kidflash, Speedy, or Robin. I mean characters like Terry McGinnis' Batman. A younger version of the hero being guided by the older version.

It could reboot the entire universe with a new tone, cast and world of heroes and villains.


There is a very good chance this is just wishful thinking. But I do think this is possible. I love Batman and I love this version of Batman as well, both Terry and old Bruce are great. Ben Affleck's Batman could give us a glimpse into what our future Batman could be like.

What do you think?


Is Batman Beyond the future?


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