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Here's another conspiracy theory, this time surrounding the James Bond franchise:

In it's current age of 53 years, there have been 7 different actors who have played the spy (6 if you disregard David Niven who played Bond in Casino Royale, 1967). They are: Sean Connery (1962-7, 1971, 1983); David Niven (1967); George Lazenby (1969); Roger Moore (1973-85); Timothy Dalton (1986-94); Pierce Brosnan (1995-2004); Daniel Craig (2005-present).

James Bond began with Dr. No in 1962 and is due to continue in 2015 with Spectre, starring Daniel Craig as the notorious 007 but why haven't the films acknowledged the changing of actors? Is there a reason behind it? Or are we just to ignore it and act like it never happened?

Here's the theories:

It seems pretty unanimous that James Bond is a code name, much like how 007 is a code number - anyone can adopt the code name James Bond. If we accept that Bond is merely an alias, there are two sub-theories that spring off

1. That there are 6 or 7 James Bond's running about at one time and all of the films take place within the same time, rather than stretching across 53 years.


2. That when one Bond dies or retires, there's another to take his place, name and number and continue the legacy.

Alternatively, there's the third option...

3. James Bond is the same person and we should ignore the cast changes (like in Eastenders when one actor's character goes into prison and comes out as a different actor) and that we shouldn't look too deeply into these things.

At the end of the day, it's up to you! What do you think? Is James Bond just an idea (like Batman)? Or should we just enjoy the films and accept that things change?

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Real or just a silly conspiracy?


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