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....I hate Damian Wayne.

Ever since his introduction the comics, he has been one of the most unlikable, annoying, whiny, spoiled, idiot characters I have ever read from a comic. He makes Superboy Prime look like a freaking saint. His character never earned the right to be called Robin, he just got the title because he is Bruce Wayne's son. Whereas Tim Drake spent years proving himself to not only be called the Robin but he also proved himself to be a loving son of Batman's.

So when I heard that there was going to be an animated film about the character, my first thought was, "Oh boy, this is going to blow." And guess what? I was right.

Son of Batman is a hell of a lot better than Throne of Atlantis was...but that's like saying Transformers Dark of the Moon is better than Age of Extinction.

The plot of this one is:

Deathstroke has killed Ra's Al Ghul and so Talia decides to ditch her spoiled brat of a son with his father: Batman. Now the audience has to put up with an annoying idiot for an hour.

The story was actually kind of creative in a way, I don't deny that. Although I was a bit confused by Deathstroke's backstory. It might be because I don't follow New 52's Deathstroke so maybe in that continuity he was the pupil of Ra's Al Ghul but the Deathstroke I'm used to, that wasn't his story. The story here was also better paced that Throne of Atlantis except for a part at the end which I'll get to later.

Let's go over our characters.


Jason O'Mara voices him again and yet again, I don't like his voice. The voice is incredibly awkward and nasally. However I did feel that O'Mara pulled off the personality of Batman here a lot better now that there is focus on him. Although he never changed his voice when he was in public as Bruce Wayne so big fail there. One of my problems is that Batman is too soft on Damian whereas the Batman I know would put up with him being spoiled for one second before teaching a lesson himself.

Damian Al Ghul

I refuse to call him Damian Wayne or Robin because he just isn't any of those things. I hated this character in the movie as well, same exact problems as the comics. He's an unlikable brat. Is there anything with him that I enjoyed? Well...I liked when he got the crap beat out of him by Nightwing and his arms got stabbed by Deathstroke. That's about it. Now let's get to one of the problems I had with the story part. See throughout the movie Damian is a bloodthirsty psychopath who shows absolutely zero signs of change but at the end he suddenly learns his lesson and doesn't kill. Why? Nothing about this story shows him change at all, in fact he was ready to kill just a couple minutes before he learns.
Okay this is not really a problem of the character as much as just a problem with realism but it happens with Damian. So Deathstroke sends swords through Damian's wrists and stuck them into the wall, you would think that this kid couldn't use his hands anymore but no Damin pulled his hand off the sword and continues to grip things and punch with ease. Okay I can let certain physics things go because its an animated superhero film but that one just made me go, "Really?"

Talia Al Ghul and Deathstroke

Meh. They were there and Thomas Gibson was actually very dry in terms of acting as Deathstroke.


Oh HE gets an appearance but apparently Tim Drake doesn't even exist in this movie universe! Hey DC? Do you remember one of the most badass characters you created? No...sigh.
Okay rant over. Dick is actually one of the good parts of this film. Not only is his design awesome but he kicks Damian's spoiled ass. There is one part with Dick where Damian becomes COMPLETELY unlikable with no chance for redemption when he says to Dick, "Remember who's actually a blood son." And my hatred grows.


Alfred was played by David McCallum who also voiced Alfred in the Gotham Knight animated film. He does a pretty good job here and some of his banter with Damian was enjoyable since he shares my dislike for him.

The music was much better and more memorable than Throne of Atlantis and obviously the animation was superb.

Overall there were a few moments here and there that made me smile, the animation was nice, the fight scenes were okay, Batman and Nightwing were the best characters, but the rest of the movie was just meh to me. I give it a Low Bronze rating which is a 4/10 in my ratings.


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