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I Have a Problem with the Casting of this movie.

Okay, Fantastic Four lets bring up Johnny Storm's casting choice; Michael B. Jordan, no not the basketball star. The problem with it is he isn't white, like the comics and other movies depict him as being.

Actor Michael B. Jordan AKA Johnny Storm
Actor Michael B. Jordan AKA Johnny Storm

No, no I'm not being racist, it's just a question of actor choice. I mean what are they going to do? Well here is a few ideas.

  • Are they going to make him adopted? I mean Sue Storm is white, how would that work out?
Kate Mara (Sue Storm)
Kate Mara (Sue Storm)
  • Is Johnny at the beginning going to be white but once he gets his powers it burns him black? (Still not being racist)
  • Is Johnny an alien found in space and brought back and allowed to take on Sue's last name, given that it would be a giant change in the comic ideas.
  • Or did the director just want to change it up?
  • Or maybe, just maybe, Sue's mom had an affair on Sue's dad with a black guy?
  • Or maybe along with that Sue's original dad died and Sue's mom remarried and had Johnny.
  • Or maybe there is a black family member?

Who knows, who ever has the right to this new Reboot has got their hands full, I'll be pulling for you though, I hate when good movies turn sour because of back actor choices. Not saying that Michael B. Jordan will be a bad actor choice, he may even beat Chris Evan's role in the original Fantastic Four movies. Who knows, but what I do know is that I will be watching it.

With Sue Storm being while and Johnny Storm being black, I wonder how this will go. Lets all wait with baited breath.


What do you think of Johnny Storm's portrayal?


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