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Amy Martin

Many of you horror fans will know that last year (November 16th to be exact) marked the 30th anniversary of horror classic 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. So to celebrate, NECA has released a 7" Freddy figure, exactly how he appeared in the original 1984 film. So, of course, being a big Freddy fan I just HAD to get this figure - and I've decided to review it because, well, I've simply never done an action figure review before.

The figure arrived in this gorgeous box, which as you can see has the original film poster printed on the front. Inside was a little Fedora, the famous tongue-phone, Freddy's left hand with two fingers missing, 3 interchangeable heads and a mask of Tina's face. Why there's a mask of Tina's face, I have absolutely no idea - because I'm 99.99% positive that there isn't a scene in ANY of the movies where Freddy wears Tina's face, so if you know where it's from, would you be so kind as to tell me in the comments section?

The detail on this figure is very impressive, as you can see that each of the heads have the same skin molds, and there's little details which have been added in - like boot tread, fabric creases and wool on the jumper. The articulation points are OK, but Freddy can't move his arms or legs incredibly far from their original position. I'd say the best thing about this figure is how incredibly life-like each of the interchangeable heads look (the skull one is my favorite!).

So although I am generally pretty happy with this figure, I do have one or two complaints. The first being that in the *ahem* crotch area, you can quite easily see the flesh coloured plastic showing through under the trousers. Secondly, I had to get a pair of scissors and actually carve out the inside of the heads and hand, so that I could swap them over - they had been cut far too small to actually be of any use.

So is it worth the $50? Well, I wouldn't say it's worth that amount, but I'd pay perhaps... $37? Overall I give this figure 3.9/5 stars, so if you are a big Nightmare on Elm Street fan, it's definitely one to consider adding to your collection.


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